GoTo Debuts GoTo Customer Engagement Solution for Streamlined Conversations

Business communication and IT support provider GoTo has launched GoTo Customer Engagement, a solution that combines GoTo Connect's phone system and customer communication tools with analytics and digital channels. This will allow customers to reach a larger audience and grow their business, all through a unified inbox.

Considering that customers are 7.5 times more likely to answer to SMS communications, GoTo Customer Engagement allows businesses to reach them through multiple channels, with a focus on SMS which has a response rate of 45% compared to email's 6%. The solution provides personalized and easy-to-manage communication, hyperlinks, and scheduled campaigns, all easily managed through a centralized inbox.

“With GoTo Connect, our customers already rely on us for phone conversations with their customers. Now we’re expanding our offerings to include an even more robust solution that provides additional digital communication channels to grow their business faster and further. We’ve listened to our customers' needs and with GoTo Customer Engagement, we’re giving businesses the ability to easily connect with their customers in the ways they want across phone, SMS, webchat and social media channel. All without the hassle of managing multiple tools,” says Damon Covey, Head of Product, GoTo.

GoTo Customer Engagement provides businesses with seamless communication through:

  • New opportunities for interaction: GoTo Customer Engagement offers a comprehensive solution that allows customers to easily reach out by including Webchat, social media, and SMS. The solution is easy to deploy and use, enabling companies to modernize their business quickly.

  • Turning notifications into conversations: Combining various methods for outgoing and incoming communications can boost performance, for example, by using SMS in marketing campaigns.

  • Managing several conversations from one inbox: GoTo Customer Engagement provides a shared inbox accessible to selected team members, which collects all customer communication from various channels and enables prompt and efficient responses to questions and feedback.

  • Customer feedback to boost productivity: GoThe solution features customizable surveys, enabling the simple gathering of customer feedback and monitoring of results, resulting in improved outcomes for both the business and its customers.

GoTo's partner at Detroit Development, Leonard Cohen, stated that with GoTo Customer Engagement, they could easily send SMS messages and manage all their conversations in one centralized inbox, making it easier to provide tenants with important information through their preferred method of communication.

GoTo Customer Engagement is available for all GoTo Connect customers in North America through the new GoTo application.