Bloomreach Introduces Mobile App Personalization with In-App Content Blocks 

Bloomreach has introduced a new feature in its Bloomreach Engagement tool, enabling marketers to effortlessly integrate personalized content into their mobile apps without interrupting the user's scrolling experience. By leveraging in-app content blocks, Bloomreach Engagement provides mobile-focused businesses with an additional avenue to connect with customers and enhance the app experience by leveraging real-time customer insights.

Through the use of omnichannel and first-party data, marketers now have a new means of integrating customized, dynamic content into their apps, creating a seamless and personalized experience for each user.

“Bloomreach has always prioritized meeting shoppers where they are, and with in-app content blocks, marketers are able to seamlessly and organically integrate personalized content into their customers’ mobile experience without disruption. In-app content blocks are also an opportunity for Engagement users to optimize their omnichannel strategy by leveraging first-party data and extending the reach of other channels ranging from email to SMS. We look forward to seeing how marketers will take more control over the app experience with this new feature and leverage a new layer of personalization,” said Michal Novovesky, General Manager and Head of Product, Bloomreach Engagement.

In the retail sector alone, mobile e-commerce sales are anticipated to surpass $510 billion in 2023 and grow to $710 billion by 2025. Just like in other communication channels, customers now anticipate personalized experiences that align with their preferences, especially when navigating through mobile apps.

The in-app content blocks allow marketers to seamlessly integrate personalized content directly into the app without disrupting or altering the shopping journey. This feature goes beyond conventional methods like personalized in-app messages (pop-ups) or push notifications. Instead, Bloomreach Engagement's latest addition provides a more natural way to include product recommendations or deliver promotions based on individual customer data and preferences.

Bloomreach's integrated customer data engine, which integrates with all channels, including the mobile app, plays a pivotal role in functioning in-app content blocks. It processes and responds to customer actions in real-time. As customers scroll through the app, the personalized content dynamically adapts to their behavior. When they engage with product pages, segments instantly refresh within milliseconds.

To enhance the shopping experience, Bloomreach has recently announced a conversational shopping assistant - Bloomreach Clarity - that offers help when searching or shopping for a particular product.