HubSpot’s Content Assistant Boosts Content Creation with New Updates

HubSpot has announced that the Content Assistant, its OpenAI-powered content tool that enhances creativity and efficiency for SMBs, transitioned from Private Beta to Public Beta. Moreover, the tool brings many new features, including the ability to create content for marketing emails and social media captions.

The company is extending access to its AI-powered content tool, Content Assistant, to all Hubs and tiers (Marketing Hub, CMS, Sales, and Service Hub). Recognizing the transformative potential of AI in the business landscape, the company aims to help its customers with the latest technology to seize new opportunities and maximize their business outcomes.

The transition from Private to Public Beta for Content Assistant means that it is now accessible to all users without the need for a waitlist. All beta features are available in the user portal at no additional cost.

Content Assistant offers efficient support  

Content Assistant is a tool designed to help growth professionals, including sales, customer success, and marketing teams, by providing quick and efficient content support.

For marketers, Content Assistant is a valuable resource that can aid in creating content from scratch or refining existing ideas. The tool assists with blog articles, landing pages, website content, marketing emails, CTAs, or social media posts.

Sales professionals can also benefit greatly from Content Assistant as it allows them to draft outreach emails swiftly, directly from Gmail or the iOS app. This feature is a time-saving asset that can ultimately translate into increased revenue for salespeople.

Service representatives can leverage the capabilities of Content Assistant to draft informative and user-friendly knowledge base articles. Additionally, it can assist in revising and enhancing emails within the Conversations Inbox, ensuring effective communication with customers and providing prompt support.

With Content Assistant, growth professionals across various domains can streamline their content creation process, boost productivity, and achieve remarkable results.

The latest enhancements  

The Content Assistant now offers a range of new features that cater to specific marketing needs. It provides prompts to generate email marketing copy, allowing users to create compelling email content within seconds. Additionally, it enables users to create and customize CTAs (Call-to-Action) copy, ensuring that the CTAs are engaging and effective.

For social media marketing, the Content Assistant helps generate captivating social media captions using prompts. In addition, Content Assistant enables users to draft sales emails directly within the HubSpot iOS app, all within seconds.

To enhance the website's search engine optimization, the Content Assistant can generate SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions of blogs, landing pages, and web pages.

Furthermore, the Content Assistant makes it easier to revise and improve email responses in the Conversations Inbox, as it streamlines the customer support process and enhances overall efficiency.

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