Inbenta Introduces Enhanced Digital Instructor to Elevate Interactive Learning

Inbenta has introduced significant enhancements to its Digital Instructor product, formerly Horizn Digital Demos, to elevate the interactivity and accessibility of Inbenta's interactive how-to tutorials, making them more engaging and easier to distribute.

"These upgrades are an exciting new addition to our best-in-class Digital Instructor product. These step-by-step visual guides are a proven way to communicate your digital capabilities and accelerate digital adoption across the board. The addition of Voice, Autoplay and Download makes our Digital Instructor tool even more intuitive and effective," says Melissa Solis, CEO at Inbenta.

In August last year, Inbenta acquired Horizn, a company specializing in interactive product demonstrations, which will broaden Inbenta's suite of customer experience tools.

Digital Instructors serve as interactive simulations, guiding users through various digital products, services, or tasks with step-by-step visual instructions. Designed for companies operating online or via mobile apps, this tool enables businesses to curate a library of instructional content, offering direct support to both customers and employees alike.

The versatility of Inbenta's Digital Instructor extends across multiple scenarios, including self-serve customer support, assisted service for contact center agents, frontline staff support, and employee training initiatives. It is a no-code software solution, allowing organizations to create tailored instructional guides for customer assistance or internal training purposes.

By leveraging Digital Instructor, companies can achieve a range of benefits, including driving digital product adoption and payments, reducing handling time, enhancing resolution rates, facilitating new product launches, and bridging the gap for older consumers less familiar with online features.

Latest updates 

Voice Guidance: Introducing step-by-step voice instructions within every Digital Instructor, offering improved clarity and accessibility. Customizable AI-generated voices provide lifelike guidance, enhancing user understanding and engagement.

Autoplay Feature: Users now have the option to autoplay each Digital Instructor, transforming instructional guides into seamless streaming content. This feature enables users to consume content at their preferred pace, whether on the main display or in the background, similar to video streaming platforms.

Download Capability: Users can now download PDF versions of each Digital Instructor for offline storage, sharing, and reference. These downloadable files faithfully reproduce each step of the demonstration, including relevant help text and contextual pop-ups.

Elsewhere, Inbenta has launched a generative AI integration that allows companies to develop and manage their content in real-time while facilitating oversight and ensuring compliance measures.