Intercom Debuts the First AI Customer Service Bot Built with GPT-4

Intercom has revealed a 'breakthrough' AI customer service bot called Fin, powered by OpenAI’s latest GPT-4 technology along with Intercom’s proprietary machine learning capabilities.

The company claims Fin is 'the world’s most advanced AI, fine-tuned for support' as it provides trustworthy and accurate answers to customer questions, saving time for customers and support teams.

To streamline the process of implementation further, the bot requires zero setup or training. How is this different from traditional bots? With most bots, humans need to manually curate responses - or even entire conversations - for bots to be able to have meaningful interaction with customers.

Fin starts resolving customer queries immediately from the moment it connects with an Intercom or Zendesk Help Center. The bot instantly learns everything it needs from existing support articles. To avoid confusion or incomplete answers, Fin only provides answers based on the content in the help centers, which can also include links to sources.

Once the conversation requires human interference, Fin recognizes harder questions and passes them on to support agents.

“We built and launched great features for support agents using OpenAI’s previous GPT-3.5 release and have been working on GPT-4 through early testing to develop a trustworthy, customer-facing support bot. We’ve seen significant accuracy improvements with GPT-4 that reduced the so-called hallucinations and we’re excited to now start testing Fin with customers and see how well it performs in the real world,” said Des Traynor, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Intercom.

Soon to be available in beta, the bot leverages GPT-4 and the ChatGPT API simultaneously to enhance accuracy and cost-effectiveness. It has built-in safeguards to reduce hallucinations to avoid made-up, inaccurate content, as well as misleading answers or off-brand topics.

Intercom has already been infusing its solutions with GPT technology. In January, the company debuted three features built using GPT-3.5  to further strengthen AI in automation in customer service.

For those who want to try OpenAI's new model GPT-4 for themselves, it is available to the general public via ChatGPT plus for $20 a month. Interestingly, Microsoft revealed that its search engine Bing has been using GPT-4 all along since its rebrand after Microsoft's investment in OpenAI.