Precisely’s EngageOne RapidCX to Transform Customer Communications Management

Precisely has unveiled EngageOne RapidCX, the newest advancement in customer communications management (CCM), aimed at delivering cutting-edge capabilities to the highly regulated market.

With RapidCX, organizations will have the ability to enhance customer experiences by delivering data-driven and personalized communications. This advancement is especially significant for heavily regulated sectors like financial services, insurance, and telecommunications. These industries face the dual challenge of remaining competitive by offering customized and dynamic customer experiences while effectively managing complex regulatory obligations.

“Businesses can no longer apply a one-size-fits-all approach to customer engagement. Today's customers expect extraordinary experiences, and trusted data is the cornerstone for delivering them. Forward-thinking organizations are turning to cloud hosted integrated customer engagement platforms, fueled with accurate, consistent, and contextual data, to revolutionize their approach to customer communications,” said Greg Van den Heuvel, Executive Vice President and General Manager – Engage Solutions at Precisely.

Unveiled during the Trust '23 Data Integrity Summit, RapidCX allows organizations to overcome various challenges, such as fragmented customer communications, compliance with evolving regulations, and integration issues with outdated systems.

Elevating engagement and boosting efficiencies  

RapidCX helps enhance operational efficiencies by replacing manual customer experience processes with automated solutions. This empowers business users to leverage data from multiple systems, streamlining workflows and improving productivity.

In addition, it helps elevate customer engagement by leveraging data-driven insights to personalize and automate omnichannel communications effortlessly. This includes various channels such as emails, SMS messages, chatbot interactions, interactive videos, and more.

RapidCX also assists in facilitating improved governance by ensuring adherence to industry regulations through end-to-end communication tracking, delivery tracing, and archiving. With user-friendly governance controls, even complex regulatory requirements become more manageable, enabling organizations to maintain compliance effortlessly.

The focus on retaining customer loyalty  

The introduction of this new platform comes at a time when factors such as changing consumer behavior, heightened competition, and economic pressures have made it more difficult for businesses to retain customer loyalty. In line with this, a recent survey conducted by PwC revealed that 55% of consumers would discontinue their purchases from a company, despite their initial affinity, after encountering multiple negative experiences. In comparison, 8% would stop after just a single negative encounter.

RapidCX helps organizations across the globe effortlessly provide personalized experiences to customers, regardless of the channel, location, or timing of their interactions. By integrating RapidCX with the comprehensive range of data integrity solutions offered by Precisely, organizations can ensure that customer communications delivery is supported by reliable and trustworthy data.

At the end of last year, Precisely partnered with digital core systems insurers provider OneShield, to allow OneShield customers to leverage Precisely’s EngageOne RapidCX solution to deliver personalized and automated customer communications.