Balto Updates its Real-Time Index Tool with New Insights

Real-time guidance platform Balto has released a new update to the Balto Real-Time Index, a tool that collates trends, insights, and in-depth analysis for contact centers.

The tool sources data from over 150 million guided calls to provide actionable insights based on trends surveyed over the past quarter.

While the first edition of the Index focused on the most common consumer objections and most- and least-utilized soft skills that agents use on calls, the new edition provides comparisons on various topics, like how often is a give objection being used today, compared to last quarter?

The new edition of the Index also provides more granular data on both industry and use case levels.

"With the Balto Real-Time Index, we want to not only reflect industry trends but predict them, becoming the go-to source for reliable data in the contact center industry. At the end of the day, the Index is an actionable tool: leaders at any contact center should be able to bookmark it for real-time information on what consumers are thinking, feeling, and saying so they can coach their agents accordingly," said Chris Kontes, Balto's COO and Co-Founder.

The first edition covered various industries, such as Healthcare, Home Improvement, Retail, and Property Insurance, while the new edition covers the Financial Services industry as well.

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Balto's in-house research team, the Conversation Excellence Lab, uses a robust methodology to make data available to a vast number of visitors.

"As we continue to leverage our growing number of calls, we can provide value back to the Balto community and beyond. The power of our data is immense — 150 million calls and counting — and within that data is the opportunity to predict consumer patterns, identify agent coaching opportunities, crowdsource best practices, and more. We're just starting to tap into it," said Lior Torenberg, Head of the Conversation Excellence Lab.

The Balto Real-Time Index is updated on a quarterly basis to provide relevant trend tracking and analysis.

Earlier this month, the company made its platform available on the Five9 CX Marketplace.