Invoca Ramps Up Its Conversation Intelligence Offering

Conversation intelligence vendor Invoca has announced a slew of new capabilities at the 8th annual Invoca Summit.

The capabilities aim to improve marketing efforts, streamline quality assurance (QA), and strengthen conversation intelligence amid the challenging economic environment.

Invoca announced an enhanced no-code Salesforce CRM integration to give marketers more visibility into which campaigns are performing and which need improvement to drive conversions.

The integration matches digital campaigns, ad placements, and paid search keywords with the closed-won deal captured in Salesforce, enabling marketers to determine the overall return on advertising spend accurately.

Echoing companies' increased measures to soften the impact of the economic downturn, Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca, said:

"With inflation at a 40-year high and uncertainty about a recession, revenue executives are becoming more disciplined about their paid media expenditures and technology investments.

"They're cutting back on underperforming and unmeasurable spending and doubling down on tactics that deliver proven returns. Brands that invest in the data and analytics that reveal what's working and what's not — at every step of the buyer's journey — are much better positioned to stand out and gain market share now and when the economy recovers."

On the quality assurance front, Invoca launched new out-of-the-box automated QA scorecards that ensure agents are delivering seamless and empathetic conversational experiences.

The scorecards analyze and assess 100% of customer calls, allowing managers to identify best practices and empower other agents, or spot areas for improvement and offer coaching. What's more, the scorecards require little to no custom building or pre-training, meaning they are ready to use upon implementation.

Invoca has also announced 11 new industry-specific insight packages that automatically derive insight from conversations. The packages include 200 unique insights across industry verticals and provide guidance on topics like "new policy inquiry" for insurance providers, or "misrouted/transferred calls" for healthcare organizations.

To lower the rates of unanswered calls and streamline the follow-up process via digital re-engagement, the company added enhancements to its cloud Conversational IVR technology.

The IVR's speech recognition may interact with callers and respond to their voice and keypress responses. Then, callers can continue to navigate the IVR using their voice, ultimately reducing call abandonment rates and caller hang-ups.