LinkLive Expands Partnership with Kasisto

LinkLive has expanded its partnership with Kasisto to integrate KAI into the LinkLive platform and offer enhanced services to financial institutions in the US market. This collaboration aims to promote the use of both platforms among financial institutions, helping them provide an exceptional customer experience across all digital channels.

“We are very excited to embed KAI into the LinkLive library of AI capabilities and to expand the digital customer service features for our clients. By combining the secure, digital-first nature of LinkLive with the intelligence of KAI, we enable our customers to deliver personalization at scale, reduce costs and maintain the human touch essential for regional banks and credit unions,” said Perry Price, CEO of LinkLive.

To combat challenges like staffing shortages and high customer expectations, the partnership will offer financial institutions the chance to protect revenue and save money through digital labor.

While ChatGPT has been receiving significant attention, LinkLive and Kasisto are leveraging AI to meet the needs of financial institutions, helping them save around $75 billion by 2025, as per Insider Intelligence. LinkLive offers a wide range of AI features that integrate different solutions to provide an improved digital experience for enterprises and small businesses. Additionally, these AI features have multiple use cases, including automating sales, service, and support interactions.

Current customers state that KAI can handle 90% of digital conversations without human intervention, enabling financial institutions to experience up to a 40% reduction in call volume. This allows agents to focus on establishing a personal connection with customers, which is crucial for fostering excellent customer engagement.

“LinkLive is focused on AI that matters. We’ve met the need by delivering conversational AI with strong partners such as Kasisto — and with other partners focused on critical engagements in similarly regulated industries, such as healthcare automation for scheduling and care triage. We see significant opportunity with agent assist and automated content analytics. As a result, LinkLive integrates generative AI with conversational AI and other partners such as ChatGPT, Amazon Sagemaker, Amazon Lex, and other Speech Analytics and Large Language Models to modernize the agent and supervisor experience,” said Pat Reetz, Chief Product Officer at LinkLive.

In November last year, LinkLive initially partnered with Kasisto to provide more personalized experiences across different channels, devices, and financial products.