Merkle’s Merkury Drives Personalized Marketing with Snowflake Integration

Merkle has revealed the introduction of Merkury's identity resolution engine, powered by Snowflake. Merkury, Merkle's in-house platform for customer recognition and identity resolution, enables businesses to build and maintain their private identity graph without relying on cookies. By leveraging first-party data as a strategic asset, companies can enhance their ability to identify, comprehend, and cater to customers across various channels in real-time.

Merkury combines the precision and durability of client-owned first-party data, reliable third-party data based on personally identifiable information (PII), and robust connections to cookie-less media and technology platforms. To achieve this, Merkury effectively identifies anonymous customers through cookie-less IDs, enriching these IDs with individual-specific data, and establishing connections between these IDs and various platforms for targeted marketing and comprehensive analysis. By adopting this approach, Merkury enables businesses to navigate the evolving privacy landscape while maintaining accurate customer insights and optimizing their marketing efforts.

"Snowflake is a critical partner for our Merkury products and solutions. Snowflake's ability to integrate with all the major martech and CDP providers allows us to deliver modern, cloud-based data management solutions to power personalized, connected experiences for our clients — regardless of their tech stack," said Matt Seeley, Merkle's head of data and identity solutions.

By leveraging Snowflake as their foundation, product, and engineering teams can focus on developing, expanding, and managing their applications without being encumbered by operational complexities. The Powered by Snowflake program provides builders with valuable resources to assist them in designing, marketing, and operating their applications within the Data Cloud.

"Our joint customers will experience a seamlessly integrated solution, combining the power of Merkury's identity matching with the performance and versatility of the Snowflake Data Cloud," said Scott Schilling, Senior Director of Global Partner Development at Snowflake.

In other news, Merkle has recently released its 2023 Holiday Playbook, which offers valuable information on the latest trends in the retail industry and provides strategies for brands to differentiate themselves and deliver exceptional customer experiences during the upcoming holiday season.