Accenture Invests in AI Startup Writer 

Accenture has invested in Writer, a platform that utilizes generative AI to assist businesses in generating and molding content in alignment with existing work processes. Accenture Ventures - Accenture's investment arm - participated in the startup's $100 million Series B funding round with Iconiq Growth, WndrCo, and Vanguard Group.

Writer, also calling themselves "the" enterprise platform, is created to allow companies to implement AI-powered applications that can boost efficiency and bring about substantial positive changes in various aspects of their operations, including support, operations, product development, sales, human resources, marketing, and beyond. Businesses can seamlessly incorporate generative AI into their content creation processes and other workflows while securing valuable insights from their internal data securely.  

"Generative AI tools like Writer can drive greater creativity. As we continue to expand the use of AI across our global marketing and communications function, the opportunities to enhance content creation, productivity and our entire marketing model are boundless,” said Jill Kramer, chief marketing and communications officer of Accenture.

Accenture's marketing and communication experts employ Writer to create written content, consolidate diverse materials, and ensure that the writing adheres to voice and brand standards. Accenture initiated its use of Writer in 2021 to enhance its writing skills and is expanding the use of its generative AI capabilities within the company. Additionally, they plan to make these capabilities available to clients as part of their existing services.

Writer helps organizations implement generative AI applications tailored to their unique workflow requirements. These AI-powered solutions are securely integrated into an organization's own on-site systems or private cloud infrastructure, utilizing their proprietary data and adhering to their distinctive style and brand guidelines.

"It's pretty simple. Enterprises want impactful and secure generative AI applications, they want them integrated into their tools and workflows, and they want it soon. Writer is the only full-stack generative AI platform, and that is why our customers' generative AI use cases actually make it to production. Joining Accenture’s ‘Project Spotlight’ program will enable Writer to benefit from Accenture’s expertise from decades of deploying AI across industries and functions, and help us grow by driving broader awareness of our capabilities," said May Habib, CEO and co-founder of Writer.

Writer has become the most recent addition to Accenture Ventures' Project Spotlight, an initiative and investment program facilitating connections between emerging tech startups and the Global 2000 companies. This program provides startups significant access to Accenture's industry knowledge and large enterprise client base. It assists startups in leveraging human creativity and realizing the potential of their technology.

Accenture has also recently strengthened its partnership with Workday to assist organizations in transforming their finance operations, making them more adaptable, data-focused, and customer-oriented.