New Generative Chatbot “Betty Bot” Helps Associations Boost Engagement

Digital design and web development partner Brightfind and Tasio, a member-focused consulting company, have introduced Betty Bot, an AI-powered chatbot highly customized and specifically designed for associations. Betty Bot leverages sophisticated AI methods, generative chat, and powerful language models and is exclusively created for member-based organizations to improve their engagement with their members.

With the pandemic-induced changes in digital behavior, people expect personalized experiences more than ever. Betty Bot has been created to meet these demands to provide highly-customized solutions for organizations. Betty Bot uses natural language processing and deep learning to directly answer members' questions while suggesting personalized recommendations based on their interests and preferences., thus enhancing the membership experience.

"Betty Bot represents the pinnacle of AI advancements for the associations sector," "Her one-of-a-kind solution is revolutionizing the way professional associations interact with their members," said Becky Breeden, CEO, Brightfind.

Before implementation, Betty Bot undergoes comprehensive training on your organization's content, including research, FAQs, product descriptions, articles, and more, to ensure that the chatbot has a complete understanding of your organization. Associations in various sectors can utilize Betty Bot, such as healthcare, accounting, legal, engineering, and more. Betty Bot promises to boost organizations' online presence and offer members a personalized and efficient experience.

"Betty Bot can understand and respond to human language with unprecedented accuracy and nuance, opening up new avenues of interaction and communication for associations. We believe that Betty Bot and the advanced data science techniques she brings to the industry will enable associations to be far more successful in delivering value to their members," added Thomas Altman Co-Founder, Tasio.

Betty Bot is a collaborative product of Brightfind and Tasio, that specialize in artificial intelligence and association management. Brightfind is a digital agency that offers a range of services, including user research, creative design, and technical integration, to develop websites and complex systems using data analysis. Tasio, on the other hand, is a consulting firm that assists associations in retaining their members through AI-driven data analysis. Both companies are part of the Blue Cypress family.