Genesys Introduces Auto-Summarization with Generative AI

Genesys has unveiled enhanced generative AI features that allow businesses to gain valuable customer and operational insights using Large Language Models (LLMs). By leveraging the power of LLMs, the Genesys Cloud CX platform offers auto-summarization for Agent Assist, enabling organizations to improve the quality, speed, and accuracy of their operations.

With the latest addition of generative AI, Genesys AI expands its already extensive capabilities in predictive analysis, conversational language processing, and analytics. This enhancement provides organizations with a robust framework to consistently enhance customer and employee experiences by leveraging intelligent automation, personalized interactions, and optimized operations.

"We've long used large language models within Genesys AI to help organizations proactively orchestrate experiences that lead to stronger customer and employee outcomes. Through responsible development that responds to our customers' needs, we're accelerating our pace of innovation with the latest generations of generative AI to help organizations gain greater value from their data, rapidly create new content and break language barriers. We're also considering the roles and expertise we may need to fuel our R&D strategy for the future, like prompt engineering and curation," said Olivier Jouve, Chief Product Officer at Genesys.

The Genesys AI platform leverages advanced capabilities like Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand sentiment, intent, empathy, and effort across various interactions. Genesys trains its embedded models using carefully curated and reliable data from diverse industries, languages, use cases, and dimensions.

Auto-summarization for Agent Assist is just one of the many new generative AI-driven features that Genesys Cloud CX has in store. The platform's open APIs enable organizations to leverage other generative AI solutions available in the market to cater to their specific business requirements. Genesys also leverages generative AI capabilities in, which helps sales teams automatically generate email content for lead development, pipeline nurturing, and other related tasks.

Auto-summarization assists employees and organizations 

A recent survey conducted among Genesys customers indicates that organizations are enthusiastic about the potential applications of generative AI, highlighting the top anticipated benefits of using this technology, including improved quality (77%), speed (73%), and consistency (67%). The survey also reveals that contact center agents typically spend up to three minutes summarizing, typing, and correcting notes from each customer conversation, without a standardized format. However, with the introduction of auto-summarization capabilities in Genesys Cloud CX for Genesys Agent Assist, the process of summarization can now be virtually instantaneous.

The newly added feature enables employees to quickly and efficiently handle customer engagements and follow-up tasks, while also saving valuable time to attend to other customers or take short breaks. To ensure high quality, employees can review and approve the generated summary before incorporating it into the customer interaction record.

By enabling more consistent and contextually relevant conversation reporting, organizations can effectively capture and preserve valuable post-interaction data. This data can then be leveraged through Genesys Speech and Text Analytics to extract valuable insights. The benefits of this include enhanced service experiences, comprehensive history tracking, improved operational efficiency, and adherence to compliance requirements.


The auto-summarization feature for Agent Assist is currently available as part of the Genesys Cloud AI Experience offering. Genesys Cloud CX customers have the opportunity to try out this solution through a 30-day trial, which can be accessed via the Genesys AppFoundry Marketplace.

Not too long ago, Genesys also unveiled the Genesys Cloud EX, an employee experience solution that offers enhanced engagement, motivation, and empowerment to workers in contact centers and other industries.