Occupancy Intelligence Platform VergeSense Now Uses ChatGPT to Help with Office Space Decisions

VergeSense has announced that its occupancy intelligence platform is now using OpenAI's ChatGPT to enable users to ask questions and get answers on optimizing their real estate portfolios.

Introduced only a few months ago, the "world's first" occupancy platform uses an intuitive natural language interface to collect questions and provides data that help with real estate and workplace decisions.

"Five years ago, the optimization process for corporate real estate was broken. Most companies leaned heavily on assumptions to make decisions and for the little data that did exist, it was siloed. VergeSense completely transformed this by pioneering the first and only scalable way of accurately measuring space to understand it on multiple dimensions: person count, active occupancy, and passive occupancy", says Dan Ryan, CEO and Co-founder of VergeSense.

What exactly is occupancy intelligence?

Occupancy intelligence lets organizations better understand how they use their (work) spaces based on data and insights about how their employees are using them. To gather this data, occupancy intelligence systems typically rely on sensors, such as motion detectors, cameras, or occupancy sensors.

The main goal of occupancy intelligence is to analyze the use of space and make informed decisions to improve space planning, resource allocation, and efficiency.

"With leading organizations around the world relying on occupancy intelligence to optimize their workplaces, we're committed to solving the next major challenge for the industry: reducing the time and effort it takes for CRE leaders to develop their optimization strategy and take action by using VergeSense to synthesize, analyze, and surface powerful insights that guide their decisions," said VergeSense CEO.

Managing office space made easy

When a user asks a question, the VergeSense platform gives a comprehensive analysis of the company's occupancy data. As the platform shows the entire analysis process used to get that data, organizations can confidently leverage the findings to make space optimization decisions.

VergeSense can help with a number of space optimization challenges, including seating rations, space redesigns, and conference room availability. For example, users can ask something like: "What is the most optimal space type mix for my floor?" or "Which space types are most popular?".

To take space planning even further, VergeSense incorporated ChatGPT into VergeSense AI, the brain behind the company's occupancy intelligence platform. Currently in the beta phase, the new capability is available exclusively to select customers and prospects.