Phenom Introduces a Guide to Scaling Recruitment with AI and Automation

Phenom has published a guide entitled "Go From Strategy to Action," which outlines effective strategies for organizations to leverage AI, automation, and superior hiring experience in order to successfully recruit at a large scale.

By implementing the recommended practices outlined in the guide, employers across various industries, such as healthcare, transportation, retail, and hospitality, can overcome challenges posed by staff shortages and inefficient hiring processes.

“Recruitment challenges quickly become business challenges particularly when hard-to-fill roles are in the thousands. Addressing quantity and quality of job candidates — and speed and accuracy of hire — is the only way employers will be able to keep their doors open in industries like transportation, retail and hospitality,” said Bambi Grundwerg, Director, Industry & Vertical Solutions at Phenom

Three crucial focus areas  

Phenom has developed a guide that focuses on three areas to help organizations transform their high-volume hiring strategies into actionable plans:

Hiring Priorities: By identifying roles that require less complexity and minimal experience, HR teams can allocate resources efficiently. This enables them to leverage automation technology to streamline and support the hiring process.

Hiring Processes: To address inefficiencies, employers need to assess their current hiring procedures. This involves identifying repetitive or unnecessary tasks and utilizing AI and automation to streamline workflows. By automating tasks like job matching, candidate screening, and interview scheduling, recruiting teams and managers can save time and effort.

Hiring Stakeholders: Successful implementation and adoption of new high-volume hiring workflows require alignment among various stakeholders, including talent teams, operations leaders, and on-site hiring managers.

The Role of AI and Automation 

The runbook provides detailed guidance on enhancing operational efficiencies, highlighting the following AI and automation technologies for immediate success:

AI-powered Career Site: It delivers personalized candidate experiences and job recommendations based on factors like resume, skills, experience, and location.

Intelligent Chatbot: The chatbot engages job seekers in conversational interactions, guiding them through various steps such as interest verification, certifications, screening, creating candidate records, and collecting referrals.

One-Way Video Interview: Integrated within a chatbot or career site, this feature automates screening by allowing candidates to respond to key qualifying questions through video before being reviewed by recruiters or hiring managers.

AI Scheduling: This technology automates interview coordination, efficiently managing one-to-one, one-to-many, or sequential interviews based on hiring priorities and job roles.

Intelligent Workflow Automation: Using employer-defined logic, this automation streamlines the hiring process by fast-tracking qualified candidates to the final stages for relevant job positions.

Key benefits  

By integrating these capabilities, organizations can significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their candidate engagement, screening, interviewing, and hiring processes.

Talent acquisition teams can benefit from pre-defined templates that streamline job description creation and establish guidelines for on-site hiring managers and recruiters. They can also access a comprehensive view of their responsibilities, enabling them to create new job listings, share relevant roles, engage candidates through email and SMS campaigns, and monitor performance using analytics dashboards.

Candidates, on the other hand, can easily interact with chatbots to find relevant job opportunities, navigate knockout questions, and schedule or record interviews. Conditional offers can even be extended based on their qualifications, all without requiring direct involvement from a recruiter or hiring manager.

For instance, one of the customers - a major food and beverage manufacturer - experienced immediate improvements in hiring efficiency, saving 78 hours per month, per facility, in hiring manager time when recruiting part-time and hourly employees across different shifts.

Elsewhere, Phenom has announced a new generative AI capability - Experience+ (X+) - that automates content creation, provides actionable intelligence, and eliminates time-consuming tasks for various stakeholders, including candidates, employees, recruiters, managers, and HRs.