Uberall’s Summer 2023 Features to Transform Social Media for Multi-Location Businesses

Uberall has unveiled its Summer 2023 features aimed at boosting search visibility, enhancing customer relationships, and driving business growth. This release introduces new functionalities for paid and organic social media, reputation management powered by AI, and overall improvements to the platform. With these updates, Uberall aims to transform the marketing landscape for brick-and-mortar businesses, helping them effectively engage with local customers amidst the competitive search environment of today.

Uberall's Summer 2023 release introduces more than 20 new features and updates that specifically cater to the unique requirements of multi-location businesses. The focus of this release revolves around enhancing hyper-local engagement and establishing brand authority.

"Our latest release will further empower multi-location businesses to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. By placing social and engagement at the heart of our innovations, we enable companies to effortlessly connect with local customers and foster meaningful interactions that drive real impact. We recognize the significance of organic and paid social efforts, so our new solution encompasses both. With the versatility to opt for a fully corporate-controlled, locally controlled, or hybrid approach, we give businesses the power to scale their social strategy effectively," said Ana Martinez, CTO, Uberall.

According to recent data, 76% of consumers find targeted ads valuable for discovering new products, underscoring the importance of a hyper-local marketing strategy to stay competitive. Surprisingly, only 26% of multi-location businesses currently adopt a brand and location perspective in their social media approach. Recognizing this untapped opportunity, Uberall has introduced advanced features that seamlessly integrate organic and paid social media, revolutionizing the way local businesses approach social media advertising.

Summer 2023 release highlights 

Uberall Social Ads enables businesses to execute precise and targeted ad campaigns. This module enables businesses to connect with local customers at the optimal moment, just when they are on the verge of visiting a store. By harnessing the potential of local ads, businesses can achieve 2-3 times higher conversions compared to running campaigns on a national scale.

Uberall introduces a dynamic workflow for Social Post Approval, providing businesses with a streamlined process to approve posts on various platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This tool allows local operators to take an active role in creating content and engaging with customers at a local level. Simultaneously, it ensures that businesses maintain brand consistency and adhere to best practices in social publishing. With this feature, businesses can strike a balance between empowering local operators and upholding brand integrity across multiple locations.

Additionally, Generative AI Review Management is a feature that enhances the productivity of business operators. This tool, particularly in demand among hospitality clients, leverages the capabilities of AI to provide prompt and relevant suggestions for review responses. As a result, it simplifies and streamlines the review management process, enabling operators to respond efficiently to customer feedback and enhance their overall operational efficiency.

To assist location-based businesses in generating more revenue, Uberall has introduced new advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT technology.