Twilio to Shut Down Zipwhip Two Years After its Acquisition

Twilio will be shutting down Zipwhip, a business texting platform it acquired in July 2021, for $850 million.

The company updated Zipwhip's support page on October 17, announcing that the business texting service will permanently shut down on December 1, 2023.

Customers that are using the service had permission to make changes to their contracts and subscriptions until April 30, 2022.

The final day of functionality for the Zipwhip software services is November 30, 2023, which is also the last day customers can send or receive messages and export data from their accounts before the services shut down permanently.

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Although Twilio does not have an out-of-the-box service similar to Zipwhip, nor a migration path after the app shuts down, the company encourages customers to consider its long-time partners Podium, Voxie, and Text Request as potential replacements.

A Twilio spokesperson said in an email to GeekWire that the joint leadership "decided to phase out Zipwhip software product" as a necessary step towards providing streamlined communications solutions.

Twilio offers its own communications solutions like Twilio Frontline and Twilio Flex, both of which enable users to engage with end customers through SMS, WhatsApp, and web chat.

Meanwhile, the company has recently aired that it suffered another phishing "incident" in June 2022, about a month before the August phishing attack.