Gladly Intros Gladly Sidekick, an AI and Automation Powerhouse

Customer service platform vendor Gladly has released Gladly Sidekick, a cutting-edge AI and automation platform that marks a significant leap forward for brands looking to revolutionize their customer service operations with personalized self-service capabilities.

Designed as the companion to Gladly Hero, the company's platform renowned for its personalized agent-assisted support, Gladly Sidekick promises to reshape the landscape of customer service.

The solution allows brands to provide experiences similar to those of interacting with a human, effortlessly resolving common inquiries such as returns or order tracking. This, in turn, liberates customer service teams to focus on the human touch required for more complex conversations. As a result, customers benefit from an exceptional end-to-end experience, including reduced wait times, truly tailored assistance, and the creation of a loyal customer base. The company recently touched upon the reasons behind agents going above and beyond to deliver a memorable experience.

Joseph Ansanelli, the CEO of Gladly, recognizes the transformative power of AI in customer service but emphasizes the importance of getting it right. He said:

“Gladly is known for software that turns customer service agents into heroes, and Thankful has built a great business helping brands deliver automated and personalized customer service 24/7. By layering Thankful’s AI and automation on top of our people-centered platform, we’re making the customer service ecosystem more personalized for consumers in a more scalable way for brands.”

The product's pricing structure is consumption-based, directly tied to the number of assisted conversations, ensuring fairness and flexibility.

The expanded product portfolio from Gladly now consists of two indispensable offerings: Gladly Hero and Gladly Sidekick. These complementary solutions harness the power of AI to elevate both the customer and agent sides of a brand's customer service equation.

The launch of Gladly Sidekick is the result of Gladly's strategic acquisition of Thankful, a generative AI and no-code automation solutions player. The two companies formed a partnership back in 2020, which has successfully helped leading brands such as Bombas, Breeze Airways, and JOANN, to deliver personalized service at scale.

"Gladly has the team, product, and strategy to deliver Thankful's vision of better living through service and better service through technology. And we’ve already proven the value of offering personalized service at scale with our shared customers,” said Ted Mico, CEO and Co-Founder of Thankful.