Replaces Passwords for Premise-Based Agents Using Avaya

Cybersecurity solutions vendor has expanded its suite of capabilities with Avaya Hybrid Cloud Services (HCS) to enable premise-based contact centers to authenticate agents using biometrics instead of passwords.

Journey's biometric authentication allows agents to authenticate into their agent desktop applications through a simple face scan. This way, agents can log in quickly and avoid password resets, which can cost up to $80 per reset.

"At Avaya, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that enable our partners to thrive in today's dynamic marketplace. We are delighted to partner with Journey on this innovative approach to providing contact centers access to more robust and efficient security. With our shared commitment to 'Innovation without Disruption,' we stand ready to support any future digital journey our customers envision," said Emir Susic, Global Vice President, Avaya Customer Experience Services.

Using biometric authentication safeguards corporate data by eliminating the possibility of compromised and/or shared passwords, a factor that has led to significant data breaches in recent times. which has caused serious data breaches in recent months.

In addition, offers Continuous Biometric Authentication, an optional feature that periodically checks for the right face throughout the day to ensure only that the right agents are using the desktop and accessing corporate data.

With this feature, supervisors can track the authentication events of their agent teams, strengthen security by ensuring the wrong face can't authenticate into corporate assets, and reduce the time needed to reauthenticate into applications throughout the day.

"We are proud to work with Avaya in providing customers quick, cost-effective identity solutions leveraging Journey's Trusted Identity Platform. Enabling biometric authentication in HCS is a game changer for contact centers that want to operate more securely and efficiently. Our patented Zero Knowledge Network® enables a wide range of SaaS identity solutions, and Journey's biometric authentication is a great way to achieve both better security and a far better user experience," said Brett Shockley, Co-Founder and CEO, of Journey.

In coming months, additional Journey identity solutions like Customer Authentication will be added to HCS to give Avaya customers seamless access to the full array of smart device capabilities, including facial biometrics and document scanning, while standardizing how customers request, collect, encrypt, and route sensitive information.