Solutions by Text Partners with LiveVox

Text messaging solutions provider Solutions by Text has joined the LiveVox Partner Ecosystem to expand its customer base.

The partnership will enable Solutions by Text customers to access LiveVox’s full suite of digital engagement solutions for contact centers and agents. These include AI-powered virtual agents, a purpose-built contact center CRM, and more.

"LiveVox's comprehensive and easy-to-implement contact center platform will greatly benefit our customers that are looking to take an omnichannel approach to their customer engagement strategy. Text messaging continues to be consumers' preferred method of communication – our integration with LiveVox ensures that our customers can deliver a best-in-class customer experience, bringing consistency and compliance to every interaction and touchpoint," said David Baxter, CEO of Solutions by Text.

US Customer Experience Awards 2023

Solutions by Text offers compliant messaging solutions for financial services. Using Solutions by Text, companies can set up text-based billing reminders, collect payments through text, and add an additional layer of identity verification.

By joining the LiveVox Partner Ecosystem, Solutions by Text customers can manage all of their communication channels through a single interface to optimize their customer service and digital engagement capabilities.

"We're thrilled to welcome Solutions by Text to the LiveVox Partner Ecosystem. Text messaging is a critical channel for immediate and effective customer engagement, and SBT's solutions will help to further expand our customer engagement capabilities," said Louis Summe, CEO and Co-Founder of LiveVox.