3CLogic Integrates Voice AI with Medallia for Multinational Excellence in Contact Centers

3CLogic has integrated its Voice AI, Contact Center, and SMS platform with Medallia to provide an enhanced customer experience by incorporating advanced emotion and conversational AI capabilities for 3CLogic's expanding international customer base. The collaboration allows multi-national customers to leverage Medallia's features, including speech transcription, natural language processing (NLP), AI analytics, and agent coaching functionalities in over 32 languages.

"We are excited to announce this recent collaboration and partnership. In this age of digital transformation, contact centers remain the backbone of customer and employee service, especially when it comes to addressing complex inquiries. With Medallia, our globally diverse customer base will be able to quickly and seamlessly assess the quality of each engagement to help maximize those experiences at scale regardless of the language," states Guillaume Seynhaeve, VP of Alliances at 3CLogic.

With a strong presence across five continents, 3CLogic has broadened its suite of offerings, specifically designed to complement existing systems of record like SAP and ServiceNow.

This collaboration signifies 3CLogic's commitment to delivering a comprehensive solution that goes beyond conventional contact center services. By integrating with Medallia, the company aims to provide its diverse customer base with a more sophisticated and globally inclusive experience, emphasizing the importance of advanced AI technologies and multilingual capabilities in today's international business landscape.

"The partnership between 3CLogic's Cloud Contact Center platform and the Medallia Experience Cloud will help companies identify the right knowledge and interactions, and deliver tremendous impact to the business. With the ability to act in real time, modern contact centers around the globe will be able to transform frontline employee and customer experiences. And by meeting customers where they are, we can move them seamlessly across channels to improve the holistic call center experience," said Alex Glanz, Executive Vice President of Strategy at Medallia.

Last year, Medallia had several changes to its leadership team, appointing its new CEO and CPO.