TELUS International Fires Up Customer Experience with Fuel iX Solution

TELUS International has introduced Fuel iX - an enhanced GenAI-powered solution designed to provide comprehensive innovation in customer experience and intelligent experiences (iX). Through Fuel iX, TELUS International assists global clients in addressing their crucial CX requirements with greater speed and strategic effectiveness.

TELUS International offers a wide range of services that include digital consulting, data services, analytics, web and mobile app development, and an AI-powered platform. This comprehensive solution aids businesses in addressing data fragmentation and internal divisions, ensuring that AI becomes an integral part of their everyday customer experience operations and processes.

“Since our company's inception, we have been committed to driving value for our clients by helping them grow revenue, take costs and risks out of their business and serve and exceed the expectations of their customers more effectively by evolving, advancing and enhancing our capabilities to incorporate leading-edge technologies. Fuel iX is in many ways, a culmination of our team’s significant efforts over the years to position ourselves to offer a complete, end-to-end CX journey, fueled by GenAI,” said Jeff Puritt, President and CEO, TELUS International.

According to Deloitte, 62% of contact centers struggle with providing a consistent customer experience across various communication channels. Furthermore, in the healthcare sector specifically, another report showed that only 51% of patients said that they were satisfied with their healthcare provider's contact center.

Fuel iX for enhanced end-to-end support 

Fuel iX's support ranges from helping brands plan their strategies and roadmaps to building the entire platform and data infrastructure. It also includes running a unified, distinctive solution to please their end users. These integrated services tackle the common problem many companies face in gathering precise, high-quality datasets and expedite the transition from proof of concept to production. All of this occurs within secure and private environments to safeguard client data.

Fuel iX guides brands through this process, guided by TELUS International's "humanity-in-the-loop approach." This approach utilizes reinforcement learning with human feedback to minimize inaccuracies and bias in the data.

Fuel iX, as the name implies, unites a comprehensive range of intelligent experiences that encompass customer, digital, voice, user, employee, and human experiences. It is by taking this all-encompassing view of both internal and external engagement that GenAI technology can genuinely deliver substantial benefits to clients.

"We’re committed to helping businesses around the globe thrive in a digital world. Leveraging these contextual and conversational capabilities gives us the edge for providing AI-powered innovations that create opportunities to transform customer experience, drive greater productivity, and fuel data monetization growth," said Navin Arora, Executive Vice-president, TELUS, and President, TELUS Business Solutions and TELUS Agriculture & Consumer Goods.

At the beginning of the year, TELUS partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to develop a new smart living solution leveraging the latest cloud, IoT, ML, and AI technologies.