Theta Lake Unveils Cutting-Edge Innovations in Digital Communications Governance

Theta Lake has unveiled a series of innovations in the market, introducing new integrations, enhanced capabilities, and flexible acquisition options for Theta Lake offerings.

The latest release showcases advancements across various communication modalities, including Voice, SMS, Whiteboards, Visual Collaboration, and more. These enhancements cover a wide spectrum of communication platforms, offering organizations comprehensive compliance solutions for their digital communications governance needs. Theta Lake's suite of capabilities encompasses compliance capture, recordkeeping, unified search, and storage across diverse communication tools and modalities. Moreover, it provides proactive risk detection and response for surveillance, insider risk, and supervision requirements.

"As the collaboration landscape rapidly evolves, companies must be able to take advantage of new and emerging capabilities while also ensuring that they meet compliance requirements. Theta Lake's capabilities help companies realize full value from their collaboration and contact center investments by ensuring that they can safely deploy new features while meeting recordkeeping, archiving, discovery, supervision, and data loss prevention needs," says Irwin Lazar, President and Principal Analyst, Metrigy.

The release not only strengthens integrated coverage and acquisition options through major partners like RingCentral but also establishes a transformative OEM relationship with Zoom, ensuring seamless access to Theta Lake capabilities for Zoom customers.

What are the latest offerings? 

Key innovations for customers include:

  • Enhanced audio communications coverage with patented compliance transcription in multiple languages, including dynamic translation extended to RingCentral RingCX.
  • Comprehensive compliance coverage for all whiteboard eComms and Visual Communications (vComms), including activity logs, text, comments, attachments, drawings, icons, and more.
  • Unified and certified compliance coverage for various products and communication modalities within the Zoom platform suite, with streamlined access and management of Theta Lake compliance functionality within the Zoom UI.
  • Coverage for all department UCC use cases, encompassing call centers, trading, regulated users, and general end-user communication capture, archiving, search, and risk detection.
  • Support for AWS or Azure deployment, offering flexibility with Bring Your Encryption Key and Bring Your Own Storage options.

Three core pillars 

Cloud Voice: Expanding Theta Lake's patented voice recording and voice capture capabilities to include compliance transcription, dynamic translation, and risk detection across voice recordings and screen shares for RingCentral's calling and meetings solutions, including the RingCX contact center.

Broadening Collaboration Compliance Coverage: Introducing integrations with Miro Enterprise Guard and Zoom Online Whiteboard, complementing the existing integration with Mural and ensuring comprehensive coverage of whiteboard content for compliance, security, and acceptable use risks.

Expanded Strategic Partnership with Zoom: Deepening the partnership with Zoom through the integration with Zoom Compliance Manager, offering Zoom customers seamless access to Theta Lake's compliance and security capabilities directly from the Zoom administrator console.

“As a platform that accelerates innovation and reduces time to market for new products and services, Miro is increasingly used by customers in highly regulated verticals that demand advanced compliance functionality. In partnership with Theta Lake, we’ve built an integration around real customer implementations that now sets the standard for unified compliance within the visual collaboration space. The compliance coverage for data generated within Miro – everything from comments to embedded files, plus visual elements like icons and drawings – allows highly regulated organizations to more confidently embrace the full value of Miro,” said Andrew Edelman, Head of Partnerships at Miro.