Workhuman Launches Feature that Streamlines Employee Recognition Program Management

Provider of HR solutions Workhuman has introduced new Reporting features to its Admin Hub, which is part of the company's flagship employee recognition software.

The features enhances Program Manager’s control and access to insights of their organization’s Social Recognition program. This means that users can adapt report details, customize and disseminate data and improve collaboration in analyzing this data.

The data from an organization’s Social Recognition program holds insights such as the percentage of employees who give or receive recognition, how frequently it is given, and the dollar amount associated with each award. As a result, it makes it easier to track recognition program outcomes and impact.

"Workhuman's platform captures those authentic human moments within an organization and turns them into actionable insights, revealing patterns in the data that can inform strategy and actively shape culture. Our latest updates empower Program Managers to uncover this valuable intelligence more efficiently and effectively. We're revolutionizing the reporting experience for our customers, offering program owners capabilities and visibility like never before. What was once a cumbersome process is now an on-demand, self-service one, and we're thrilled to announce that we have even more enhancements planned for later this year, all aimed at providing our customers with the ultimate recognition program experience," said Zoe Peterson-Ward, Workhuman's Chief Customer Officer.

Another useful feature for HR and business leaders is Manage Reports which provides insights needed to 'turn recognition into business success.' The feature enables program managers to create and customize reports to meet the specific needs of different department leaders, modify data measures and fields in real time to accommodate ever-evolving initiatives, and add charts and graphs to seamlessly visualize data in presentations and communications.

Finally, the new Report Access feature simplifies access management by allowing managers to authorize users to centralize their reports without complex Excel files or extra support. Program Managers can grant on-demand report access, easing the burden of ad-hoc data requests. Authorized users can easily find, view, and download data through 'My Reports,' accessing up to three main report types: Award Activity Reports, Recognition Intelligence dashboards, and Conversations activity metrics

"For 25 years, Workhuman has pioneered the employee recognition market. The company’s Social Recognition solution, backed by data and science, cultivates appreciation, enhances performance, fosters social connections, and promotes inclusivity. As Workhuman and Gallup research has shown, a strategic investment in recognition can boost a company’s bottom line.”

Speaking of recognition...

Did you know that employees who receive great recognition are 20 times more likely to be engaged at work than employees who receive poor recognition? That's a staggering statistic!

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