UserTesting Introduces New Feedback Engine and AI-Powered Surveys

UserTesting has announced the launch of the UserTesting Feedback Engine, accompanied by substantial enhancements to its Human Insight Platform. This introduction represents a significant stride in offering a versatile and comprehensive solution aimed at assisting teams in conducting tests and gathering diverse perspectives across various experiences.

“Launching the Feedback Engine, featuring AI-powered surveys, and providing access to the UserTesting Network and unique global audiences from partner networks is a pivotal achievement towards realizing our vision of integrating the best aspects of UserTesting and UserZoom platforms while continuing to embrace technological innovations. Our April release, including expanded audience solutions and enhanced AI capabilities, empowers customers to adopt a single platform when building market-leading products and more memorable customer experiences,” said Michelle Engle, Chief Product Officer at UserTesting.

The debut of the Feedback Engine signifies a pivotal advancement in enabling teams to solicit audience feedback using different approaches throughout the product development journey. In addition, UserTesting now presents AI-powered surveys tailored for experience research, augmenting the capacity to capture, validate, and evaluate feedback of superior quality at any phase of product evolution. To complement these enhanced testing capabilities, UserTesting has also bolstered its Audience Solutions and UserTesting AI functionalities.

The revamped Human Insight Platform now boasts expanded targeting options and access to verified participants from over 40 partner networks, ensuring users can capture high-caliber perspectives at scale with confidence. Moreover, the integration of AI themes into UserTesting AI streamlines the swift and effortless summarization and prioritization of pertinent themes from open-ended written queries, regardless of respondent volume, thus expediting the extraction of actionable insights.

UserTesting Feedback Engine 

This dynamic testing tool helps teams elicit audience feedback utilizing their preferred methodologies across the product development lifecycle. With AI-powered surveys and the capability for high sample size testing, organizations can swiftly amass comprehensive feedback concerning their products and customer experiences. Offering a versatile array of testing options—from live interviews to usability testing and surveys—the Feedback Engine facilitates a profound understanding of customer perspectives.

UserTesting AI Advancements 

The expansion of UserTesting AI introduces AI themes, allowing users to automate analysis and distill key insights from open-ended survey responses. By swiftly illuminating the underlying reasons behind survey feedback at scale, AI themes streamline the process of extracting actionable insights, saving teams from the difficult job of analyzing everything manually.

Purpose-Built Audience Solutions 

UserTesting's commitment to assisting customers in pinpointing their precise target audience is further underscored by enhanced audience capabilities. These enhancements encompass country-specific targeting and the inclusion of verified participants from an extended network of over 40 partners, ensuring access to diverse global audiences across various feedback types.

In other news, UserTesting has announced the appointment of Mark Chamberlain as its Chief Financial Officer (CFO).