Verint Scores a $49 Million Deal to Transform CX Automation in Healthcare

Verint has secured a contract exceeding $49 million from a prominent U.S. healthcare company to enhance customer experience automation within their customer operations.

“We are pleased to receive this strong endorsement of our differentiated open platform and CX Automation strategy. Earlier this year, we announced our next generation, AI-powered open platform. This large contract, which includes the deployment of more than 12 AI-powered bots, is another proof-point that our differentiated open platform is gaining momentum along with our ability to monetize our strong AI capabilities,” says Dan Bodner, Chief Executive Officer, Verint.

Verint's Open Platform, centered around AI and data, is crafted to seamlessly integrate the collaboration between human workers and AI-powered bots. This platform enables brands to deploy over 35 AI-driven bots at their preferred pace, offering an alternative to traditional hiring by allowing brands to enhance their workforce with automation, thereby increasing work capacity and delivering superior customer experiences.

“The Verint Platform is completely open to make it easy for large customers to rapidly deploy AI innovation with no disruption to their workforce or to their customers. Like many other consumer-centric industries, leading healthcare companies are seeking an AI-powered open platform to delight their customers and deliver strong business outcomes,” added Bodner.

The healthcare company contract, originally planned for Verint's fiscal fourth quarter, spans a five-year duration and encompasses both new and expanded solutions. Under the agreement, Verint will implement 12 AI-powered bots, including Real-Time Coaching Bots, Quality Bots, Interaction Wrap-up Bot, Agent Virtual Assistant Bot, Data Insights Bot, and Intent Discovery Bot, building upon existing deployed solutions.

In other news, Verint has announced that its compliance software, Verint Financial Compliance, now has co-sell-ready status with Microsoft.