Verint to Release Improved Features for Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Verint has announced enhanced features for its Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), coming to the solution on April 19th. These upgrades will include a platform for designing and deploying IVAs more quickly and effectively, enabling teams to work together and scale their efforts. Verint IVA is part of the Verint Customer Engagement Platform, which leverages artificial intelligence to collect insights and automate customer experiences throughout the company.

“Rolling out more digital channels doesn’t always guarantee an improvement in customer engagement. Modern consumers expect seamless digital interactions, regardless of channel. Brands need a way to scale customer interactions across channels and Verint IVA introduces AI-powered conversational experiences – driving a better customer experience and automating processes in the contact center,” says Heather Richards, Vice President, Go-to-Market Strategy, Digital First Engagement, Verint.

The recent study by Verint shows that conversational AI is becoming increasingly important for organizations to deliver high-quality customer experiences. The study revealed that almost 75% of respondents who were highly confident in their organization's ability to meet modern consumer demands had already implemented an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) in 2022 or earlier. Over half of these respondents increased their spending on AI solutions in 2022 compared to 2021. Moreover, just under half of the respondents reported using a combination of human employees and bots to handle customer interactions.

Verint IVA benefits  

Verint IVA allows organizations to easily and rapidly implement automation solutions across their digital and voice channels to provide customers with personalized self-service experiences, streamlining contact center operations to improve overall efficiency

Additionally, Verint IVA is equipped with pre-built models for natural language understanding (NLU), advanced artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics powered by Verint Da Vinci, Verint's AI and automation engine. This enables organizations to easily expand their workforce with a hybrid of human employees and virtual assistants to provide customers with exceptional experiences. Verint IVA can also be seamlessly integrated with a company's existing systems for added convenience.

Furthermore, the Assistant comes with a user-friendly editor called IVA Studio, which enables both large and small businesses to easily create, refine, and improve their bots in-house without the need for extensive coding skills. This feature provides an immediate return on investment (ROI) and helps organizations adapt to changing customer and business needs by adding new languages and intents in real-time. This move ensures that the customer experience is constantly improved and personalized to meet the unique needs of each enterprise and its customers.

Verint IVA'snatural language understanding (NLU) models are tailored to specific industries such as banking, insurance, and healthcare. These models integrate with existing chatbot solutions to deliver attentive, hyper-personalized, and human-like conversations. The solution also allows users to create and manage voice AI flows to support an omnichannel approach. This means complex chatbot conversations can be seamlessly handed over to a live agent with all the relevant context.

Verint has recently enhanced its Customer Engagement Platform through a Google Cloud partnership which enables the integration between Verint's platform and Google Cloud's Contact Center AI.