Verneek Consumer Experience AI Platform Answers Any Customer Question

Consumer Experience AI provider Verneek has announced the launch of its proprietary Consumer Experience AI platform - One Quin. This platform offers businesses a comprehensive AI solution that responds to personalized queries through voice activation or text from any location. One Quin's first application is in the intersection of health and nutrition and retail and is currently operational at major grocery retail locations.

"Our mission is to build the most helpful AI to augment human knowledge in everyday life anywhere. Our technology is able to provide the type of AI support that is unavailable on Amazon's Alexa, Apple's Siri, Google Search, or OpenAI's ChatGPT. One Quin brings together all search bars, navigation menus, and chatboxes under the same hood, and answers questions based on the curated sources of up-to-date information from in-domain proprietary data augmented with relevant public data," said Nasrin Mostafazadeh, Co-Founder, Verneek.

One Quin has been trained on a vast amount of real-time customer queries from all over the US. It also uses a curated collection of structured and unstructured public information to provide reliable answers to specific questions based on dynamic enterprise data.

 Streamlining the Shopping Experience

The platform's first use case is Quin Shopping AI, which assists shoppers in making decisions during their online or in-store shopping journeys. Quin can handle sophisticated shopping requests, such as finding available product assortments or recipes that match a range of health or budget constraints or even general health or customer service inquiries. Quin searches through all relevant public and participating retailers' proprietary data in real-time to provide a highly personalized AI shopping experience.

Shoppers often spend up to 20 minutes researching and selecting items that meet their health requirements or personal preferences when shopping online or in stores. Quin helps streamline the process by taking less than 10 seconds to provide suggestions. Verneek's technology provides a solution to a significant challenge faced by the 40 million daily food shoppers in the US.

"One Quin's use case in retail is a win-win for consumers and enterprises. It's a personalized AI service for anyone to live healthier. The technology enables shoppers to make better, faster online and in-person shopping decisions while increasing sales conversions for retailers. The technology goes beyond the retail vertical and applies to any consumer-facing enterprises," said Omid Bakhshandeh, Co-Founder, Verneek.