Canvs AI Transforms Multi-Language Text into Valuable Insights

Text insights company Canvs AI has announced translation for its platform Canvs MRX, enabling customers to analyze open-ended text from multiple languages on the Canvs platform. The translation is based on Google Cloud Translation, and the platform identifies the language of the open-ended text, translates it to English, and processes it on the Canvs platform. Both existing and new customers of Canvs MRX will receive 5000 translation credits at no extra charge.

“As Canvs has become a more and more indispensable part of our customers’ research processes, support for multi-language text analysis has been one of the most-requested features. The addition of our translation engine is a major step forward in making it easier for our customers to analyze feedback and insights from a global audience," said Canvs Founder & CEO Jared Feldman.

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The Google Cloud Translation service, which is considered to be the most reliable ML translation model available, provides the foundation for Canvs MRX's translation. With recent integrations with research platforms such as Qualtrics and Forsta or BI platforms like Tableau and Power BI, translation expands Canvs’ goal of making text analytics a crucial component of contemporary research Canvs.

More about Canvs AI

Canvs is a fast and accurate insights platform that transforms open-ended text from surveys, product reviews, and social media into actionable knowledge. The platform is used by some of the biggest brands, research agencies, and media & entertainment companies, such as Fox and Disney, to accelerate time-to-insights, reduce cost, and meet consumers' needs.