Verizon to Sunset its Videoconferencing App BlueJeans

Verizon is shutting down its videoconferencing app BlueJeans, as reported by 9to5google.

Verizon acquired the app in April 2020 for about $400 million, then dubbed a "Zoom competitor." Although the company has not yet issued an official statement on the matter, many sources shared the details of an email sent to the BlueJeans app users, indicating that it is shutting down.

The email notifies users that they can continue using the service until August 31, 2023, after which date any content stored on the app will be deleted in accordance with BlueJeans's privacy policy.

As part of the shutdown process, the free trial and the “BlueJeans Basic” tier will no longer be available after August 2023. However, the email to users did not specify a transition period for business customers.

BlueJeans was launched in 2011 but gained ground after being preloaded on Verizon's Glass Enterprise Edition 2 smart glasses in early 2022.