SoundHound AI Unveils New Voice AI Restaurant Solution for Obtaining Essential Data

SoundHound AI has introduced Employee Assist, a conversational AI solution that lets restaurant staff obtain critical information about different tasks and operations, such as ingredients in the food they serve. This hands-free, category-defining voice AI technology helps both front-of-house and back-of-house employees receive immediate responses to critical queries without the need for manuals or distracting colleagues.

“Employee Assist offers a first class solution to support busy employees and remove any friction and confusion from the equation. It’s an AI-powered expert in their ear that delivers the right information every time. Both restaurant operators and customers are now embracing cutting-edge technology like this because they understand that it’s capable of creating a more efficient and productive ordering experience,” said James Hom, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at SoundHound AI.

The solution functions as a personalized voice assistant, delivering precise information through headsets or tablets employees are using. Harnessing SoundHound's voice AI and generative AI capabilities, the technology comprehends instruction manuals, ingredient details, and allergen information. Employee Assist engages in a fluid two-way conversation, responding to a range of questions and follow-ups, effectively placing an expert at the disposal of each employee.

SoundHound has also recently partnered with companies such as Olo, Samsung Electronics and White Castle to offer different Voice AI solutions and enhance customers' dining and ordering experience.

Easier access to essential information  

In the context of labor shortages and high turnover, this automation tool streamlines instant access to essential information for restaurant workers, regardless of their experience level. Employee Assist accommodates a variety of requests, including details about food and drink items, business FAQs, and updates on daily tasks, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient operational experience.

The Employee Assist underscores the deployment of sophisticated AI to provide tangible support to on-the-ground staff in restaurant and hospitality settings. According to a recent consumer study by SoundHound, technology is one of the top three factors crucial to enhancing restaurant customer satisfaction, reflecting the industry's growing acceptance of advanced technological solutions.