VMware’s Latest Solutions: Where Data Privacy Meets AI Innovation 

At VMware Explore 2023, VMware unveiled its latest Private AI solutions designed to encourage businesses to embrace generative AI while maintaining strict privacy and compliance standards. Private AI is an approach that allows organizations to harness the benefits of AI while safeguarding sensitive data and adhering to regulatory requirements. Additionally, the company announced an extended partnership with NVIDIA to prepare businesses for the gen AI era further.  

“The remarkable potential of generative AI cannot be unlocked unless enterprises are able to maintain the privacy of their data and minimize IP risk while training, customizing, and serving their AI models. With VMware Private AI, we are empowering our customers to tap into their trusted data so they can build and run AI models quickly and more securely in their multi-cloud environment,” said Raghu Raghuram, CEO, VMware.

VMware's Private AI helps enterprises bring computational capacity and AI models to where their data is generated, processed, and used – whether in public clouds, or company data centers. These innovations enable businesses to blend flexibility and control, fueling the development of advanced AI applications that enhance worker productivity, transform various business functions, and have a substantial economic impact.

The company's multi-cloud approach offers enterprises the flexibility to build, customize, and deploy AI models while maintaining the necessary security and resilience across different environments.

Partnership with NVIDIA  

VMware and NVIDIA have extended their partnership to usher enterprises into the generative AI era through the VMware Private AI Foundation. VMware's collaboration with NVIDIA on the Private AI Foundation is set to empower enterprises by offering a suite of AI tools that will allow companies to efficiently utilize their private data to train established AI models and deploy them across data centers, leading public clouds, and edge computing environments. This solution combines VMware's Private AI architecture, based on VMware Cloud Foundation, with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software and accelerated computing capabilities. It's a comprehensive package that provides the necessary computing infrastructure and cloud software for customizing models and running generative AI applications, such as smart chatbots, virtual assistants, and advanced search and summarization systems.

VMware AI Ready program  

Additionally, VMware is introducing the VMware AI Ready program, connecting ISVs with the tools and support needed to validate and certify their products on VMware's Private AI Reference Architecture, with availability expected by the end of 2023.

VMware is unveiling Intelligent Assist, a suite of generative AI solutions fueled by VMware's data, to simplify and automate various aspects of enterprise IT in the multi-cloud era. They will seamlessly integrate with VMware Cross-Cloud Services and be built upon VMware Private AI. The product lineup includes:

VMware Tanzu with Intelligent Assist (Tech Preview): This addresses multi-cloud visibility and configuration challenges by enabling users to request and refine changes to their enterprise's cloud infrastructure through natural language conversations.

Workspace ONE with Intelligent Assist (Tech Preview): Users can efficiently create high-quality scripts using natural language prompts, streamlining script writing within Workspace ONE.

NSX+ with Intelligent Assist (Tech Preview): This facilitates quicker and more accurate assessment of security findings, helping security analysts effectively deal with threats.Last year at the VMware Explore 2022 Europe, VMware launched new offerings and innovations to enable customers to streamline their journey to multi-cloud.