Vonage Launches ’Conversations for Salesforce’ to Elevate Customer Engagement 

Vonage has introduced Vonage Conversations for Salesforce, a versatile omnichannel messaging application driven by the Vonage Communications Platform. This app enables businesses to interact with customers directly through the Salesforce platform, offering enhanced customer experiences by seamlessly combining automated bot interactions with Vonage Contact Center (VCC) agent support.

The application offers a highly adaptable and scalable solution for sending SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages directly from the Salesforce platform. This integration streamlines the process of creating customized workflows using standard Salesforce tools. Given that 30% of consumers prefer messaging apps for business communication, Vonage's "Conversations for Salesforce" aims to enhance customer interactions, personalize conversations, and boost productivity.

Leveraging Salesforce as a centralized source of customer data, users can engage in conversations while accessing complete customer histories. Additionally, response handling can be automated using chatbots or routed to the appropriate agent or department for swift issue resolution.

“Vonage 'Conversations for Salesforce' unlocks the power of delivering personalised two-way interactions with customers from Salesforce, enabling engagement at scale with SMS, MMS and WhatsApp channels while blending bot and VCC agent interactions. Based on Salesforce’s best practices and latest tools, the app overcomes the constraints of existing solutions and is enabling conversations across the entire organisation,” said Savinay Berry, EVP, Product & Engineering for Vonage

Thunder Funding, a prominent carrier services firm in the US, was experiencing significant growth in its contact center operations, which handle both inbound and outbound voice communications using Vonage Contact Center and Salesforce. By implementing Vonage's "Conversations for Salesforce," Thunder Funding has unlocked the capability to engage in two-way conversations and send over 5,000 messages daily to customers and prospects.

Vonage's "Conversations for Salesforce" is a key component of the comprehensive Vonage AI Acceleration Suite for Salesforce. This suite comprises AI-enabled, low-code/no-code programmable elements designed to facilitate and expedite business transformation. It seamlessly integrates with Salesforce applications, enabling businesses to engage in personalized conversations across various channels.

During this week's Dreamforce event in San Francisco, Vonage showcases "Conversations for Salesforce" and interactive product demonstrations of other Vonage solutions. Among them is "Vonage Premier for Service Cloud Voice," a sophisticated contact center solution that leverages advanced intelligence and automation to enhance customer service operations from start to finish.

In other news, Vonage has introduced the Vonage Protection Suite to support developers and businesses in safeguarding themselves against the constantly evolving risks of online fraud and cyberattacks.