SoundHound Releases Fully Automated Smart Answering Service

SoundHound has revealed that its advanced Smart Answering solution, driven by cutting-edge voice AI technology, is now accessible to businesses through a subscription model. The solution seamlessly integrates SoundHound's superior voice AI capabilities, merging software engineering with Generative AI, to effectively and immediately manage incoming customer calls with precision.

The Smart Answering system uses generative AI to seamlessly reads and integrates company website information in order to update its AI Knowledge Base. Then, advanced speech recognition and natural language understanding merge to provide tailored, conversational responses to customer phone queries.

“Businesses across the country are stretched. They’re finding it difficult to attract, train, and keep employees amid labor shortages, but they still have high standards when it comes to customer service. Smart Answering uses our sophisticated voice technology in combination with Generative AI to answer 100% of calls and provide fast, accurate answers from an AI agent that we envision customers will ultimately prefer to any other method. We’re also able to onboard businesses within minutes. For many, it will be a game-changer," said Keyvan Mohajer, CEO & Co-Founder of SoundHound. 

Soundhound says Smart Answering can deal with queries "just as well as – or even better than – an employee juggling multiple tasks." The solution can also handle multiple calls at once, is available 24/7, and provides convenient SMS responses in addition to verbal answers.

Smart Answering is currently handling more than 500 calls on average per month for businesses. It can provide answers to questions like "Will you be open on Sunday at 7pm?" by matching to information from a company's website. Further, the solution can respond with action and send a relevant link via SMS, or transfer the call to another number with a human agent on the line.

In the coming weeks, SoundHound plans to make onboarding even faster with a self-service portal that will allow businesses to go live within minutes.

The company has previously launched a voice-enabled assistant for the automotive industry that enables drivers and passengers to access info domains using complex conversational capabilities.