Reshapes CX and EX with Dynamic AI Solutions on SAP Store has made its generative AI-powered ChatBots and VoiceBots solution for automating customer and employee experiences available on SAP Store. This digital marketplace serves as a platform for SAP and its partners to offer their products and services. This integration enables organizations to enhance both customer and employee experiences through's advanced conversational AI capabilities.

The ChatBots and VoiceBots solutions from are developed on the SAP Business Technology Platform, leveraging the SAP Integration Suite. The customer experience (CX) solution seamlessly integrates with SAP Commerce, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP CRM Sales, and SAP CRM Service Manager. In contrast, the employee experience (EX) solution integrates with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

"Leveraging multi-LLM architecture, our generative AI-powered Dynamic Automation Platform is helping enterprises redefine how they connect with both customers and employees, giving them a competitive advantage and valuable ROI at scale. Our Dynamic AI agents can enable businesses to automate customer functions through our Conversational Service Cloud and Conversational Commerce Cloud product suites, while our Conversational EX Cloud delivers round-the-clock support with self-serve automation to address all day-to-day employee queries at scale. With our solutions, we are delivering human-like experiences, achieving over 90 percent automation within 30 days with 60% reduced operational cost," said Raghu Ravinutala, CEO & Co-founder,

CX benefits of ChatBots and VoiceBots's solution streamlines the implementation process at a large scale by eliminating the need to train Dynamic AI agents. This is possible through the company's proprietary and multi-Large Language Model (LLM) AI engine - DynamicNLP. The solution seamlessly integrates with third-party systems using one-click integration, facilitating end-to-end transactions. Additionally, provides industry-specific templates that are preconfigured, allowing enterprises to expedite their time-to-market and achieve faster results.

The solution optimizes efficiency by reducing the rate of 'call deflection,' where customers are redirected from calling customer support.'s Dynamic AI agents effectively handle dynamic workflows in real-time and offer a knowledge base that enhances the speed of human agent responses.

In addition, enhances customer experiences through the implementation of Dynamic AI agents for both text and voice interactions. These agents are adaptable to different communication channels and can be customized accordingly. The unique aspect of these agents is their ability to learn from each interaction, enabling greater personalization in customer interactions and contributing to improved customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores.

The solution also facilitates the automation of inbound and outbound campaigns for enterprises. By leveraging Dynamic AI agents, it empowers businesses to run highly personalized campaigns targeting specific segments. Through proactive communication, these agents drive increased conversions and enable the collection of more opt-ins by utilizing engaging widgets. Furthermore, assists enterprises in effectively redirecting website visitors to their WhatsApp AI Agent at the most opportune moment.

EX benefits of ChatBots and VoiceBots offers round-the-clock, multilingual support across various channels, enabling enterprises to engage with their employees effectively, all through Dynamic AI agents that operate on over 35 text and voice channels. The solution facilitates instant self-service capabilities in more than 135 languages, enhancing operational efficiency and ultimately increasing employee satisfaction by 40%.

Furthermore, the solution equips agents with generative AI-powered features, such as auto-response, ticket summarization, and issue insights, which enhance the agents' abilities to effectively resolve employee queries contextually. This not only ensures accurate and satisfactory resolutions but also boosts agent efficiency by streamlining their workflow and providing them with valuable insights into the issues at hand.

By providing personalized solutions, enables enterprises to enhance employee engagement. These solutions cater for individual employees throughout their entire journey, starting from onboarding and extending to performance management and wellness support.

In addition, the company utilizes advanced analytics to enable enterprises to implement smarter employee initiatives. By leveraging real-time analytics, enterprises can make data-driven decisions and drive employee initiatives based on valuable insights. The solution provides comprehensive metrics through intuitive dashboards, widgets, and reports, offering visibility into employee feedback, journeys, and frequently asked questions.

Speaking of its generative AI-powered Voicebots and Chatbots, has also revealed that they can now be accessed through the Genesys AppFoundry.