Yext Content: Combining Headless CMS with Cutting-Edge AI

Yext has released Yext Content, a new feature on its platform that allows companies to deliver any experience across any digital channel from a single content management system (CMS).

Dubbed "the first" headless CMS built on a foundation of AI, Yext Content encompasses a wide range of capabilities: content creation from existing content, content management, suggestions, automated data cleaning, knowledge assistant, and more.

The feature enables companies to deliver their content to customers in traditional channels like their website or mobile apps, but also through "next-generation" experiences like conversational AI and augmented reality.

“Every company out there is trying to figure out how to use AI. Leveraging the leading AI and knowledge graph technology behind Yext Content, they have an easy, customer-first way to get started. Now they can focus on delivering experiences tailored for customers on any digital channel,” said Marc Ferrentino, President and Chief Operating Officer at Yext.

What sets Yext Content apart from similar solutions is that it merges content and the taxonomy behind it. This way, organizations can structure content in the best format for AI, which maps real-world entities and their relationships. The so-called AI flywheel is able to identify new opportunities for content based on customer interaction and journey data such as searches, chats, and clicks. Then, it generates new or updated content to fill in gaps that could improve the experience.

The feature also lets companies connect data from various sources across the enterprise and organize it to generate on-brand content autonomously. In addition, many of the processes can be automated, which eliminates unnecessary steps to data processing and cleansing, keeping creating content appropriate for customers and employees.

Early in the year, Yext added Yext Chat, a feature that generates accurate answers grounded in real-world information, utilizing the content stored in the Yext Knowledge Graph.