Acqueon and Cresta Introduce Unified AI Solution for B2C Enterprises

Customer engagement company Acqueon has joined forces with Cresta to enhance customer engagement and optimize every interaction for B2C enterprises. This collaboration introduces a unified offering, Acqueon Guidance powered by Cresta, which integrates Acqueon's open data platform with Acqueon Campaigns and Cresta for Sales to deliver a comprehensive solution.

"Building on our previous solutions for agent guidance, Acqueon Guidance powered by Cresta ushers in a new era of customer engagement and delivers a holistic solution to transform how businesses approach customer interactions that drive revenue results. Understanding the right timing, channel, and message are essential to getting the most out of customer interactions. Acqueon and Cresta together can provide enterprises with AI technology that will unlock new ways to engage with consumers to dramatically improve the enterprise's revenue generation and revenue recovery results," said Ashish Koul, CEO of Acqueon.

This time last year, Acqueon partnered with Genesys to help B2C organizations improve their proactive customer outreach for sales, collections, and service. 

Improving customer service and retention  

This partnership aims to elevate businesses' revenue generation and recovery capabilities through omnichannel outbound engagement and improved customer service and retention. By combining their solutions, organizations can proactively connect with customers across preferred channels, ensuring compliance and delivering meaningful customer experiences.

Acqueon Campaigns provides advanced experience orchestration and customer engagement capabilities, enabling businesses to design AI-powered customer journeys and automate communication workflows effectively. On the other hand, Cresta's Generative AI Platform ensures excellence in every interaction by identifying top-performing behaviors and guiding representatives in real-time.

A key feature of both platforms is their no-code approach, allowing for quick deployment and management of operations. Through data sharing, the partnership enhances the effectiveness of both platforms, simplifying complexity for customers and accelerating time to value.

Moreover, the joint solution enables organizations to improve customer engagement, enhance personalization, and reduce the burden on IT and analyst teams. By leveraging Acqueon's Data Platform and Cresta's real-time intelligence capabilities, businesses can drive more contextualized customer conversations and gain deeper insights through advanced analytics and reporting.

"Customers are holding businesses to higher standards than ever before, and it's essential that we ensure that every customer touchpoint is productive and positive. The power of Cresta and Acqueon's solutions will unlock a new tier of AI-enabled customer engagement technology that helps businesses drive deeper connections with core customers, ultimately improving retention and driving revenue growth," said Ping Wu, CEO of Cresta.

In other news, Cresta has added new AI capabilities that help contact center agents and leaders make data-driven decisions to drive better CX outcomes.