Adobe Launches Express for Enterprise to Transform Marketing Content Creation 

Adobe has unveiled Adobe Express for Enterprise, a groundbreaking tool designed to accelerate the creation of marketing content and streamline on-brand production across various business functions, including communications and sales. This new offering leverages Adobe Firefly Image Model 3, renowned for generating stunning, photorealistic images rapidly from prompts and ensuring commercial safety.

“With the exponential growth in demand for personalized experiences, companies must find new ways to supercharge the production of content that connects with customers and elevates their brands. Adobe Express for Enterprise is the only solution that brings together enterprise-grade brand management, intuitive tools, advanced AI designed to be safe for business and seamless workflows with world-class creative apps – empowering individuals across the enterprise to produce more impactful, on-brand content faster than ever before,” said Govind Balakrishnan, Senior Vice President, Adobe Express Product Group and Creative Cloud Services at Adobe

Adobe Express for Enterprise introduces advanced features such as Brand Controls to ensure consistency and quality across all content, Bulk Create and Generate for large-scale content production, and Firefly Custom Models for customizing AI models to meet specific brand requirements.

These enhancements allow marketers to repurpose and adapt content for future campaigns, tailor assets for different regions, and empower sales teams to create personalized materials for clients, while internal and external communications teams can quickly design stakeholder content.

Seamless integration and comprehensive tools   

Adobe Express for Enterprise integrates seamlessly with Adobe Acrobat, Creative Cloud, AEM Assets, and the upcoming Adobe GenStudio. Adobe GenStudio is designed to help marketers reuse approved content, create variations for digital platforms, activate content in both Adobe and third-party applications, and measure performance. Integrated deeply with GenStudio, Adobe Express for Enterprise allows users to remix approved assets and edit content without needing specialized creative skills.

Use cases   

Leading companies are already reaping the benefits of Adobe Express for Enterprise.

“Marketers seek reliable AI that integrates seamlessly into their workflows. Adobe Express for Enterprise empowers IBM marketers to produce on-brand content that aligns with business goals and delivers personalized experiences to targeted audiences,” said Jonathan Adashek, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Communications at IBM.

IBM collaborates with Adobe to help clients optimize Firefly-powered workflows in Express, creating safe, high-quality content efficiently. This partnership is expected to boost project capacity by 30% and cut time to market by 70%, allowing creative tasks to be distributed across a more diverse team while ensuring brand compliance at scale.

Adobe’s internal teams have also adopted Adobe Express for Enterprise. The marketing and communications teams have seen a 12x increase in time to market, a 35% improvement in engagement, and a 17% reduction in costs, saving hundreds of hours annually. The sales team has drastically reduced the delivery time for client assets from weeks to just 30 minutes.

AI-Powered content creation   

Adobe Express, powered by Firefly generative AI, ensures that enterprises can confidently deploy AI features like Text to Image, Text to Template, and Text Effects. These capabilities enable marketers to produce campaign-ready assets quickly, customize them across various formats, and create endless variations efficiently and cost-effectively.

Firefly Image Model 3 is now integrated into Adobe Express, offering enhanced quality, control, and variety of outputs. Users can upload reference images to generate new images that match the style, mood, lighting, and composition of the originals with ease.

Future developments   

Firefly Custom Models will soon be available, allowing enterprises to create bespoke models that reinforce brand identity across all touchpoints. The Bulk Create and Generate features will enable rapid design variations and message testing, enhancing marketing agility.

With these advancements, Adobe Express for Enterprise ensures that all employees can produce on-brand content efficiently. Template locking and style controls facilitate the sharing of approved content for localization and final edits, while interoperability with Adobe’s creative tools keeps assets up-to-date and brand-compliant.

Additionally, Adobe is collaborating with Microsoft to develop an Adobe Express Extension for Microsoft Copilot. This extension will empower employees to create engaging, on-brand content within Microsoft 365 apps through simple prompts, integrating seamlessly into their workflows.