Adobe Summit 2023: New AI-Powered Innovations and Partnerships

Adobe has announced various product innovations across their Adobe Experience Cloud and Adobe Creative Cloud at the Adobe Summit 2023 to manage customer experiences and create engaging content.

“As the digital economy continues to expand, profitable growth will come from connecting the complete customer experience - from acquisition to engagement and retention. Our latest Adobe Experience Cloud innovations uniquely connect customer experience creation and management, empowering brands to efficiently scale, unify and personalize digital experiences across surfaces, and achieve sustained, experience-led growth,” said Anil Chakravarthy, president, Digital Experience Business at Adobe.

Adobe recognizes the importance of content in creating superior digital experiences and has launched new tools that connect Adobe Experience Cloud and Creative Cloud for optimized content creation, delivery, and measurement. These new tools include Adobe Sensei GenAI services, such as Adobe Firefly, a family of creative, generative AI models that generate images and text effects. There are also new generative AI innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud to streamline marketing workflows. In addition, the company revealed new partnerships with Accenture and NVIDIA, among others.

Adobe Firefly 

Adobe's Firefly aims to enable all creators to generate various types of content, such as images, audio, vectors, videos, and 3D designs, using their own words and creative ingredients such as brushes and color gradients. The goal is to allow users to create unlimited content variations quickly and easily while staying on-brand. Adobe plans to integrate Firefly into its existing tools and services to make it even more accessible to users. The beta version of Firefly, which is now available, can generate high-quality images and text effects.

Adobe Express for Enterprise 

Adobe has launched a new solution - Adobe Express for Enterprise - designed to help "even" decentralized organizations streamline and accelerate content development. This platform integrates with Adobe Experience Manager Assets and offers end-to-end content development workflows, enabling brands to keep up with the growing demand for customer engagement across channels. The platform also provides businesses with an intuitive, creative application that anyone can use, the ability to create branded templates for reuse, and a vast collection of high-quality assets, templates, and collaborative workflows. These capabilities help marketers, sales teams, and in-house content creators easily and quickly create on-brand content, including social posts, videos, design elements, and documents.

Adobe Real-Time  CDP Advancements

The company has unveiled advancements in its Real-Time Customer Data Platform (Real-Time CDP), which is designed to streamline experience-led growth. Adobe Real-Time CDP delivers unified and personalized customer experiences through the integration of Adobe Experience Platform and its partner ecosystem. With the help of Adobe's Sensei GenAI services, the platform can automatically generate multiple variations of rich audience segments to provide incredible precision for personalization campaigns.

Additionally, Generative Playbooks provides marketers with use case templates to help them brainstorm and improve customer journeys. Adobe Real-Time CDP has new product enhancements and partner integrations that enable prospecting and enriching with partners. It also offers new capabilities that allow B2B brands to connect with unknown prospects and improve personalization using e-commerce insights.

Content Supply Chain Solution 

Content Supply Chain solution helps brands provide personalized customer experiences at scale and drive experience-led growth while also addressing the challenges faced by organizations in delivering content for effective CX. The content supply chain process of producing and delivering content for effective customer experiences is often disjointed, resulting in missed revenue opportunities, high costs, and team burnout for brands. According to a recent study conducted by Adobe, 88% of marketing and CX leaders stated that content demand has doubled over the past two years, and nearly two-thirds expect demand to increase by five times over the next two years.

 Adobe Product Analytics 

Adobe Product Analytics is a new solution that provides self-service capabilities to product teams for analyzing customer journey insights across marketing and products. By combining the efforts of marketing and product teams, companies can enhance customer engagement strategies and messaging, resulting in better customer opinions of brands. The new tool allows product teams to easily analyze feedback and iterate on product features after launch, driving profitable growth and collaboration across organizations.

Accenture Partnership

Accenture and Adobe are joining forces to provide new services that help enterprise marketers create and deliver content more efficiently. The collaboration combines Accenture's experience in process improvement and marketing with Adobe's integrated Content Supply Chain solution to identify areas for optimization and cut costs while driving creative and financial growth. With changing customer preferences and the increasing number of channels and formats, marketers need to be more relevant, and this partnership aims to help them transform their approach to content.

NVIDIA Partnership

Adobe and NVIDIA have teamed up to leverage generative AI to enhance creative workflows. Together, they will develop advanced generative AI models that will be deeply integrated into Adobe's Creative Cloud flagship products, including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. These models will be available through NVIDIA's new cloud service, Picasso, which allows third-party developers to build and deploy generative AI-powered image, video, and 3D applications with advanced text-to-image, text-to-video, and text-to-3D capabilities. The two companies aim to support the commercial viability of the new technology and ensure content transparency and authenticity through Adobe's Content Authenticity Initiative.