Survey Explores Consumer Perceptions of Generative AI

A significant majority of consumers, around 94%, expressed the desire for increased transparency and regulation regarding the use of Generative AI technology in marketing and advertising, revealed a recent study by StoryStream. The research highlights that users still consider user-generated content the most genuine and reliable form of content when purchasing online.

“In this research, we’ve asked consumers – specifically consumers already broadly familiar with the concept of Generative AI – what they want to see from brands in their marketing and advertising. And what we’re learning is that understanding consumer expectations and concerns will remain a crucial ingredient for building trust,” said Alex Vaidya, CEO of StoryStream.

The survey explored diverse perspectives on generative AI, encompassing ethical concerns and trust in AI-generated content. The results provide valuable insights into the changing dynamics of the industry and offer guidance for businesses venturing into AI-driven marketing strategies.

Based on the findings, most respondents (66%) believe that generative AI has the capacity to replace human creativity and innovation in marketing and advertising. However, opinions were divided when it came to the ethical considerations of using generative AI for content creation. Only 42% of respondents expressed firm support for its utilization, 34% opposed it, and 24% remained undecided.

How comfortable are users with generative AI  

When it comes to personalization,  around 77% of users believed that generative AI technology would result in more personalized and relevant marketing experiences. However, when it came to their comfort level with this idea, only 51% expressed comfort, while 29% were opposed, and 20% remained undecided.

Transparency and regulation were the main concerns for consumers, according to the survey. In fact, 58% of respondents expressed that they would be more inclined to trust a brand that openly disclosed its utilization of generative AI in its marketing efforts.

General impressions of generative AI 

The survey also examined consumers' overall perceptions of generative AI technology. The findings showed that 59% of consumers had a generally positive impression of it. When analyzing different age groups, it was observed that Gen Z respondents had the highest positivity rate at 74%, while those aged 55 and above had the lowest rate at 35%.

In terms of content formats, user-generated content was deemed the most trusted and authentic by 45% of respondents. Brand-created content followed at 22%, while AI-generated content garnered 12% of respondents' preference, surpassing stock imagery and film (8%) as well as influencer-created content (8%).