Uniform Adds Capabilities that Enhance Digital Experience Building

Uniform has unveiled a set of improvements to its offerings, Uniform Canvas and Uniform Mesh, to allow brands to integrate various API-powered technologies, leveraging headless CMS to swiftly and flexibly construct high-performing digital experiences.

The company's latest advancements in Canvas and Mesh deliver enhanced capabilities that accelerate the process of creating web and app experiences, providing marketers with increased speed and flexibility. Furthermore, developers benefit from expanded opportunities to construct lightning-fast experiences by leveraging cutting-edge technology.

“The excitement surrounding the new release comes from its ability to empower digital teams and tackle the challenges marketers encounter when delivering high-performing digital experiences. These latest capabilities elevate the visual workspace, enabling true enterprise scalability and seamlessly blends content, data, and technology at remarkable speeds. With enhancements to Canvas, Mesh, and the introduction of the Component Starter Kit, we’re fulfilling the promise of what headless tools initially aimed to achieve. The envisioned future is one where marketers can focus on storytelling and audience engagement, free from the constraints of traditional platforms and processes,” said Darren Guarnaccia, president, Uniform.

Giving power to marketers 

Uniform Canvas now introduces two notable enhancements, namely Uniform Dynamic Pages and Uniform Redirect Manager. These additions give marketers and merchandisers greater control over creating product-based experiences within the Canvas visual experience builder. With Uniform Dynamic Pages and Uniform Redirect Manager, these professionals can exert greater influence and fine-tune their offerings to deliver more impactful and tailored experiences to their target audience.

Dynamic Pages allow business users to swiftly adapt and iterate across a vast number of web pages, including product detail pages, without requiring assistance from developers. This functionality allows for the creation of visual experiences on a large scale, eliminating the need for code and enabling seamless content updates. By utilizing pre-designed templates and the option to create custom pages, businesses can ensure consistent branding and significantly improve their speed to market.

Uniform's Redirect Manager streamlines URL management by offering the creation of vanity URLs, enabling fast redirects through a modern content delivery network (CDN), and ensuring reliable page access. With the help of a visual tool, business users can easily identify and rectify browser errors, resulting in improved accuracy.

Mesh enhancements

The enhanced features of the Uniform Mesh play a crucial role in bolstering the capabilities of DXCP. By eliminating silos and minimizing the need for manual coding that could take weeks, Mesh empowers developers to work with their preferred tools. With Mesh, users can effortlessly leverage any data source to build and reuse front-end components, resulting in accelerated implementation speed and increased flexibility.

Mesh offers a no-code solution for establishing connections to various APIs, including headless services, legacy platforms, and single-use data sources. It also provides pre-built connectors for key services, simplifying the integration process. Additionally, Mesh incorporates Edgehancers, which optimize performance by automatically pushing content to the edge of a content delivery network (CDN). This enhances page speed, improves user experience, and boosts SEO performance, all without the need for custom code.

Streamlining testing and production  

Uniform is introducing the Component Starter Kit, a customizable and open-source collection of front-end components. This resource is designed to simplify the process of generating ideas and facilitate testing and production. Users can effortlessly integrate these components into a component development system, such as Storybook, and connect them to content sources using Mesh. The Component Starter Kit offers a practical and efficient solution for accelerating front-end development and seamlessly integrating with content management systems.

At the beginning of the year, Uniform partnered with Algolia to enable business teams to tailor search experiences and automate content recommendations for digital experiences, thus enhancing customer experience and boosting conversion rates.