Khoros Launches Next-Level Communities Solution

Khoros has launched a new version of the Khoros Communities solution which makes it easier for companies to build brand-owned places for their customers to engage, self-service, and collaborate with each other on products, services, and experiences.

Khoros Communities promises faster community building, easy customization, and optimization for the best member experiences. This means brands may reach their end-state faster and with fewer resources.

“This launch sets a new standard in our industry by reimagining what it means for customers and brands to connect. Online communities provide brands invaluable spaces for building necessary loyalty and trust with their customers. This release contains all of the advanced capabilities that complex enterprises need to create a seamless customer experience that is entirely brand-owned – and to do so faster, at a lower total cost,” said Chris Tranquill, CEO of Khoros.

This announcement emphasizes Khoros' 20-year-long dedication to delivering top-notch technology, enabling enterprise brands to nurture, respond to, and engage with their customers no matter their location.

Organizations can deploy communities with technically no setup services required, just by using a set of designed and preconfigured templates. Managers can customize page layouts, navigation, and edit design via a drag-and-drop interface.

The announcement also introduces new possibilities for brands to assess outcomes and demonstrate value through innovative health and engagement dashboards and widgets, moving beyond surface-level metrics.

Community managers benefit from advanced moderation tools, such as workflow automation, organization, and AI-powered content filters, enabling them to spend less time on moderation and more time engaging with the community.

IT and development teams can take advantage of a more open and flexible platform, featuring an evolved API-first architecture with a powerful GraphQL layer, allowing them to create exclusive community experiences and custom integrations without limitations.

Brands can now offer an enhanced member experience through a modernized web application framework, ensuring a more attractive, responsive, and accessible interface for community members to stay engaged.