Domo Unveils Cutting-Edge AI Features To Improve Accessibility and Effectiveness

Domo unveiled new features for Domo.AI at Domopalooza, their renowned AI + Data Conference, to cater to the diverse AI requirements of each organization, ensuring accessibility and simplicity in integrating AI technology into the Domo platform.

“Our goal with Domo.AI is to provide customers with an ideal environment to merge their invaluable data with the transformative power of AI in order to supercharge business results. By creating that type of open framework for AI + Data, we are giving users a pathway to immediate success, without going to the extraordinary lengths they may otherwise have to. All of this is underscored by full security, governance and transparency in how AI comes to life in Domo,” said Daren Thayne, chief technology officer and EVP of product, Domo.

Among the highlights are AI Chat and Universal Models, currently in beta testing.

AI Chat 

AI Chat introduces a way for users to interact with their data, allowing contextual conversations that adapt to the specific dashboard or app being accessed. This feature provides users with a conversational interface for exploring data, complete with suggested follow-up questions and transparent insights into the underlying data processing steps. Users can also tweak the SQL queries used to generate responses, foster deeper engagement, and empower smarter decision-making.

Universal Models 

Universal Models represent a game-changer for low-code users, offering pre-built AI models that can be seamlessly applied to diverse use cases without requiring specialized data science skills. These models cover a range of functionalities, including forecasting, sentiment analysis, and anomaly detection, making advanced AI capabilities accessible to a broader audience.

Universal Models will be integrable across various Domo features, including apps, workflows, and Magic ETL, further enhancing their utility and flexibility.

Additional updates for Domo.AI 

In addition to these beta features, Domo has rolled out updates and new features for Domo.AI, now available for general use. Notably, AI Model Management streamlines the registration and management of external AI models within Domo. Users can now quickly deploy models hosted on platforms like OpenAI and Databricks directly from Domo, empowering a broader user base to leverage AI capabilities for real business impact.

Another exciting addition is the ResponsibleGPT App, which was developed using Domo's text generation AI Service. This app ensures the secure handling of sensitive information by leveraging API connections to selected language models, eliminating the risk of data exposure. All conversations within the app are stored within Domo datasets for auditing and administrative review, providing users with peace of mind.