SoundHound Upgrades Dynamic Interaction with Generative AI

SoundHound AI has added Generative AI to its Dynamic Interaction solution. The Santa Clara-based company, which specializes in voice-enabled AI and conversational interfaces, has integrated Generative AI technology into its existing platform, which will allow users to interact with their devices hands-free and without wake words.

First launched in November 2022, Dynamic Interaction uses fragment parsing, which breaks speech down into partial utterances, and full-duplex audio-visual integration to deliver real-time, continuous audiovisual feedback. The solution is "engineered for a seamless exchange," ignores off-topic speech, and can decide when to use audio or visual output.

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According to SoundHound AI CEO and Co-founder Keyvan Mohajer, the integration of generative AI technology will make the interaction between people and devices more seamless. He said:

“Dynamic Interaction is capable of creating incredible user experiences, and allowing consumers to interact with computers in the most natural, intuitive way. By introducing Generative AI, we’re providing a gateway to a new world of ideas, information, and capabilities – from anywhere, completely hands-free.”

The upgraded version of Dynamic Interaction will also offer effortless, voice-enabled access to Generative AI, which means users can unlock relevant information and ideas by speaking naturally. In addition, developers will be able to adapt the solution to a variety of products and services, for example, in the automotive industry. In the video below, SoundHound showcases how the solution helps drivers find what they're looking for in a matter of minutes:

The company's portfolio also offers voice AI solutions for the hospitality industry, smart devices, and contact centers. Back in November, SoundHound introduced Dynamic Interaction for food ordering which offers drive-thru, kiosk, and tablet-based voice AI automation.