Meet KAI-GPT, Your AI Banking Buddy

Kasisto has introduced KAI-GPT, an innovative large language model specifically tailored for banking, meeting the industry's accuracy, transparency, trustworthiness, and customization requirements.

With the power of KAI-GPT, Kasisto has launched KAI Answers, its first application leveraging this language model. KAI Answers enables bank employees to efficiently provide timely and contextually relevant responses to customers in a human-like manner.

“We created KAI-GPT because banks can realize tremendous growth and performance benefits from generative AI - but they need to do so with deep consideration for compliance, accuracy, safety and ethical responsibility. The only way to achieve this is through an LLM that is optimized for the banking industry. Kasisto is making generative AI a practical reality for banks of all sizes, because our technology is built with the highest standards required by the banking industry,” said Zor Gorelov, CEO, Kasisto.

KAI-GPT brings generative AI to the banking sector, allowing banks to engage in human-like conversations with their customers rapidly and efficiently. As the first large language model designed exclusively for banking, KAI-GPT provides financial institutions with its unique features, catering to the specific needs of the banking industry.

In addition, Kasisto has introduced KAI Answers. This innovative application utilizes the capabilities of KAI-GPT, enabling bankers to effectively navigate and comprehend information from diverse sources such as policies, regulatory filings, procedures, web content, and intricate financial products.

KAI-GPT ensures accuracy and transparency  

KAI-GPT underwent training using an extensive collection of financial data, and it can be employed to create a wide range of generative AI applications tailored for banks. Its development was centered around four key pillars that are crucial for financial services institutions, ensuring that it meets their specific requirements.

KAI-GPT is specifically designed for the financial services sector, ensuring that it delivers accurate and dependable answers for various banking scenarios. Additionally, the training methodology and content used to develop the LLM are completely transparent, allowing customers full visibility and audibility into its creation process.

Financial institutions rely on KAI-GPT due to its trusted handling of proprietary data, ensuring security, protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and maintaining the integrity of their brand. Moreover, KAI-GPT offers the flexibility to be tailored to the specific needs of any financial institution, by using customized and unique data and content.

Elsewhere, Kasisto and LinkLive have recently expanded their partnership to integrate KAI into the LinkLive platform and offer enhanced services to financial institutions in the US market.