Acquia Elevates Acquia DAM for Enhanced Asset Management 

Acquia has upgraded its Acquia DAM platform to provide marketing and creative leaders with improved tools for swiftly locating and collaborating on digital assets. These new features encompass enhanced search functionality, easier content sharing, and advanced analytics, enabling teams to extract the maximum value from their content investments, even when faced with budget constraints.

“Marketing and creative teams turn to DAM systems to rein in content chaos and gain insight into how their content performs, particularly across global brand portfolios. The new Acquia DAM updates empower teams to create, find, and share assets faster, giving them better control over revenue-generating digital marketing campaigns and the ability to ensure better brand consistency,” said Jennifer Griffin Smith, Chief Market Officer at Acquia.

Recent Acquia DAM enhancements   

The recent improvements to Acquia DAM provide customers with the means to effectively address challenges such as identifying content and locating assets by:

Improved search functionality. A revamped search interface offers teams more pertinent search results and advanced filtering options, allowing them to locate necessary assets more quickly, thereby expediting the launch of campaigns and products. The redesigned asset cards on the search page also showcase file names more clearly, simplifying the process of identifying assets.

Expanded asset-sharing capabilities. Enhanced collaboration across teams is facilitated through the ability to share search results for commonly conducted searches. This allows colleagues to instantly view asset choices, irrespective of their geographical location. Users can effortlessly copy and paste a link containing search results, complete with applied search terms, sorting, pagination, and filters. Furthermore, novel asset share links grant recipients the flexibility to select the desired size and format for the shared assets.

Enhanced keyword and tag functionality. Teams can enhance their asset search experience by leveraging tags, which streamline the process of locating assets. Keywords are now entered using a user-friendly tag interface, where clickable tags are associated with each asset. These tags lead users to a search results page displaying all assets with the same tag. Administrators maintain the ability to edit these tags.

Enhanced analytics for better insights. Acquia DAM now offers improved analytics capabilities, enabling teams to quickly access usage and performance insights for assets through an upgraded backend data pipeline. The addition of new charts for asset insights provides enhanced filtering and grouping options for asset-related data. Moreover, asset insights now come with API endpoints, facilitating integration with other marketing data housed in data warehouses or business intelligence tools. This is especially valuable for marketers seeking to comprehend the utilization and effectiveness of their content, allowing them to concentrate on optimizing high-performing assets.

Acquia DAM can be utilized on its own or as part of Acquia DXP. It also streamlines adaptable strategies by seamlessly integrating with other Acquia and third-party marketing tools.