New Bloomreach Integrations Enhance Guest Experiences

Bloomreach has unveiled several new integrations to help hospitality businesses personalize guest interactions across various marketing channels. These integrations automate the data flow from specific hospitality software, such as booking and reservation management systems, into campaigns created within the Bloomreach Engagement omnichannel marketing automation platform.  

This provides marketers with a seamless way to enrich customer profiles, offering a comprehensive view of the guest experience and enabling highly tailored content and campaigns.

“Our newest integrations are aimed at helping hospitality brands foster the deep customer loyalty that only true personalization can create. By ensuring robust data and real-time insights inform every guest interaction, marketers will be able to show every guest what they care about most — in turn building stronger relationships and paving new paths to profitability,” said Anirban Bardalaye, Chief Product Officer, Bloomreach.

With the rise of online booking for travel, dining, and entertainment, hospitality brands have a unique chance to engage with customers and build loyalty across multiple touchpoints, extending beyond the physical experience. Bloomreach improves these interactions by connecting with various hospitality technologies, including the newly released Opera Cloud, MEWS, and ResDiary, which capture valuable guest insights.

Using Bloomreach's proprietary Loomi AI, these integrations allow marketers to elevate their campaigns with advanced personalization while minimizing the time spent manually transferring data from hospitality systems to marketing platforms. By automating the data flow and creating a centralized, unified view of the customer, Loomi AI enables real-time personalization of the guest experience across all marketing channels. Marketers can tailor content and campaigns with insights such as room preferences or dining favorites, which are delivered through email, SMS, and more.

This enhances guest satisfaction, strengthens brand loyalty, creates new conversion opportunities, and boosts profitability for hospitality businesses.

Elsewhere, Bloomreach has acquired Radiance Commerce, an AI-driven conversational commerce platform, with the aim of advancing AI innovation for e-commerce.