NICE Introduces ’1K Every Day’ Initiative, Making AI-Powered CX Accessible to All

NICE has unveiled the "1K Every Day" initiative under its ElevateAI platform, aiming to expand access to its on-demand AI services for organizations of all sizes. ElevateAI is designed to provide the developer community with NICE's purpose-built Enlighten AI, known for its high accuracy in improving customer experience (CX) and agent efficiency.

By eliminating upfront costs, this initiative offers brands the opportunity to harness the power of AI without financial barriers, transforming customer experience and boosting customer satisfaction.

"1K Every Day" represents a major enhancement by offering up to 1,000 interactions of transcription services and CX AI daily, completely free of cost. ElevateAI's offering stands out for providing a significantly higher number of interactions per day compared to other plans, making it an attractive and valuable option for businesses seeking to enhance their CX capabilities.

"At NICE, we believe that data and AI should be at the core of every brand's CX. With the new ‘1K Every Day' initiative, we're making our purpose-built AI for CX even more accessible to businesses of all sizes. We're excited to see how organizations are using the power of ElevateAI to drive innovation and deliver extraordinary experiences for their customers, even with their own custom solutions," said Barry Cooper, President CX Division, NICE.

ElevateAI helps contact centers elevate their customer experience by utilizing the full potential of AI, trained on vast amounts of interaction data. With user-friendly APIs and quick sign-up options, businesses can easily access NICE's renowned Enlighten AI, which has received awards for its excellence. The platform's open and flexible architecture enables effortless integration with existing technology setups, opening up endless opportunities for innovation and improvement.

Last month, NICE introduced three new solutions under Enlighten, an AI platform designed specifically for the Customer Service sector.