ON24’s AI-Driven Optimization Suite Takes Center Stage for Enhanced Audience Engagement

ON24 has introduced an AI-powered Optimization Suite designed to enhance enterprise digital experiences and content. This suite helps businesses personalize, orchestrate, and automate their digital interactions, leading to improved campaign performance and increased return on investment (ROI). By leveraging generative AI, go-to-market teams can drive higher audience engagement, gain valuable data-driven insights, and achieve substantial growth in pipeline and revenue.

The ON24 Optimization Suite is designed to optimize the effectiveness of ON24 experiences while streamlining resource allocation. Powered by the ON24 AI Engine, customers can effortlessly personalize experiences to enhance conversion rates, seamlessly orchestrate content across multiple channels for elevated audience engagement, and automate the creation of written and video content to extend the impact of their campaigns.

“Customer success is at the center of our innovation, and we’re relentlessly focused on unlocking the power of AI to help our customers continuously drive cost-effective revenue growth. Today, at the ON24 Experience, we’re proud to showcase how our platform is digitally transforming go-to-market strategies for industry leaders, and we believe that with the addition of the ON24 Optimization Suite, we can help enterprises further accelerate that evolution and make digital transformation their competitive advantage,” says Sharat Sharan, Co-Founder and CEO, ON24.

The new release enables customers to expand their personalized messaging easily and recommended content to different audience segments. It facilitates the creation and distribution of multimedia content across various digital channels. Additionally, the suite leverages generative AI technology to automatically generate derivative multimedia content.

Delivering tailored content to different audience segments

The AI-powered Optimization Suite enables ON24 customers to effectively build, manage, and monitor audience segments based on various categories such as demographics, content interests, buying intent, and historical behavior. It enables the creation and delivery of personalized messaging, content recommendations, and calls-to-action tailored to different audience segments within the same ON24 experience.

Further, users can easily develop, edit, and publish short-form videos using generative AI, which serves to promote, enhance, and extend engagement across ON24 experiences. The suite also includes an embedded generative AI tool and chatbot to assist in creating promotional content and delivering live experiences.

Moreover, the "Key Moments" report provides immediate audience feedback from live experiences, offering marketers valuable insights and targeted promotional opportunities. The suite automates the production of written and video content from long-form ON24 experiences, combining real-time human-driven audience engagement with generative AI technology.