Qualtrics AI-Powered Qualitative Research Tools Are Now Generally Available

Qualtrics has announced the general availability of Qualtrics Automated Summaries for Video Feedback, as well as In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups.

The solutions are built to help organizations conduct smarter research through the use of generative AI and real-time and predictive analytics. As a result, they can respond to customer needs faster and make informed decisions on future business strategies.

To make use of video feedback insights, Qualtrics Experience iD (XiD) enables users to create unique profiles that contribute to a complete picture of how individuals and segments of customers engage with products and services.

Since Qualtrics Video Feedback can capture six times more content than traditional open-end text responses (because it captures users' facial expressions and tone of voice), researchers are able to gain deeper insights and try new ways of telling stories with data.

“Collecting customer feedback and product insights is essential in the rapidly changing digital landscape. It helps businesses stay competitive, spot trends, and seize market opportunities. Qualtrics’ AI-powered Qualitative Research solutions and Experience iD consolidate quantitative and qualitative research with powerful analytics, enabling organizations to make informed decisions on future product, policy, and design choices that increase customer satisfaction and revenue,” said Qualtrics President of Product, User Experience and Engineering, Brad Anderson.

With new Automated Summaries powered by Qualtrics XM/os2, researchers can significantly reduce the time needed to analyze hours of video submissions. They can extract key themes and top quotes to instantly generate unbiased summaries to be shared across the organization. In addition, each theme can include verbatim quotes so it remains accurate and relevant.

Focus groups

Focus groups are a valuable tool for businesses and organizations to gather feedback and insights from a targeted group on a specific topic. This research method traditionally involved in-person participation and manual transcription and analysis, which required more time and money.

Utilizing Qualtrics In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups, researchers can upload and transcribe long-form videos featuring individuals or focus groups, after which Qualtrics AI swiftly identifies crucial keywords, subjects, and emotions. In addition, In-Depth Interviews and Focus Groups are able to distinguish between different speakers in the transcripts, enabling researches to summarize feedback from multiple persons.

By integrating insights from these lengthy videos with other qualitative and quantitative research data within the Qualtrics platform, researchers can streamline collaboration, sharing, and analysis to simplify the identification of market trends, monitoring shifts in behaviors, and the utilization of research findings for informed strategic decisions and investments.

To track the web experience of its customers, Qualtrics launched Digital Experience Analytics which enables organizations to visually replay consumers’ behavior during website visits, capturing key pain points like error clicks, rage clicks, or mouse thrashes.